Our Map

View Where und When and We? in a larger map – made by Milena W

blue smiley = Facebookies were there

figures = that’s us!

smiley = past event of Alex

red exclamation mark = fans from these countries wrote on the Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak (from 80 countries by now)

If you would like to mark your country or youself here, please write to the FaceBookie Milena 🙂

127 thoughts on “Our Map”

  1. PLEASE come back to New York! I was very sick in November and could not go to the concert. I was so upset! ;( AMERICA LOVES ALEXANDER RYBAK! <3

  2. Hey! I think that Alex should come Turkey/Isanbul too. He tried to come once, but because of the volcanos smoke, he couldn’t. So, can he try again?

  3. @Roi: I’m not from Greece. Yannis Papadopoulos is from Greece 😉

  4. heey please come to germany as fast as possible (would be great if it’ll be more in the southern/west of germany) ^^

    we are waiting all for you 🙂

  5. PLSPLSPLS come to Croatia.you’ve been to bosnia and haven’t stopped here 🙁

  6. hi Alex!!
    Alex , we are waiting for you in Greece…..so how about coming this summer???I Know you are soOoOo busy with traveling ,concerts and stuff…..but COME ON ALEX !!!!PLEASSSSSEEEE!!!!<3((:NOT ONLY IN ATHENS ..THERE ARE INCREADIBLY WONDERFUL PLACE IN GR…I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS COMMENT…and remember greece adore you….trust me((:I <3 you..take care!!

  7. G’day, I wish desperately that he would come to Australia, we are so far away no one visits us down here. Would love to see him perform live, can’t afford to fly over to Europe.

  8. hi!! pleaseee
    I want that Alexander come to Madrid or Barcelona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. du kommer til Samara! eller i Uljanovsk! spør … jeg har aldri vært på en konsert …. virkelig ønsker å være på konserten …. du kommer ……….. . beg

  10. please come to Samara! or in Ulyanovsk! ask … I’ve never been to a concert …. really want to be at the concert …. please come ……….. . beg

  11. please visite Luxemburg!!!!
    I love your songs .
    please come in Luxemburg this year.

  12. Hei jeg ønsker gjerne at Alexander kommer til Kristiansund i Norge 🙂 vi trenger en go konsert. er mange i denne byen som elsker fiolin. å som også elsker Alexander 🙂 hvert år har vi noen som heter Tahiti festivalen, Frode Alnæs er han som eier plassen, har hvert år fått besøk av store stjerner. så jeg skulle ønske Alexander også tok seg en tur hit 🙂 han er hjertelig velkommen hvertfall. 🙂 Kristiansund N

  13. ahh! but well what I want most is that lex come to Colombia wooo that would be great !!!!!!!!!! cool!! saludos alex!! kisses from Colombia att: Angelita;)

  14. Hello 🙂 i like this new website 🙂 realy good work facebookies 🙂

    And i hope Alex will come to Lithuania this year with new proggrame cause i like his music and his songs very much 🙂

  15. @ Angela: That would be amazing tour, then he would go to every country, where at least one fan of him live 😉
    But this red “feet” mean that YOU are there -- fan of Alex in Colombia, who said “hallo” to him on his page. And that is great.
    Best greatings to Colombia 🙂

  16. oh my god! I really hope alex visit my country Colombia. I hope that this red foot on my country’s capital Bogota means that Alex will be here soon. alex you are welcome, here in Colombia await you … kisses

  17. @ Yanis liosalfar

    tks a lot for your help. i didnt see it on the map because there are so amny arrows and smileys. I realy wish alexnader could come because hes such a great artist and well done once agian for this website 🙂 yours Denise Frendo

  18. @Denise: please zoom the map with “+/-” and navigate with arrows and you will se that Malta is already on the map 🙂

  19. @Denise -- look at the bottom of the post and write about yourself to Milena please 🙂

  20. HIII Could you please put malta on the map please??? I wish alexander could visit our small island of malta. THnaks a lot and once again well done for the website!! xxxx

  21. Hi there,

    Of course, Mr. Rybak should come to Canada! 🙂 along with his FaceBookies. Do not worry about the accommodation…I have a big house 🙂 Cheers.

  22. He should go to New Jersey!! The Northern part of Jersey not the South part of Jersey. LOL! ^_^

  23. I would love and much appericate if he comes to the USA. Any place there would be awesome. I would of course have to travel to it. The US needs more European performers.

  24. Milena W could you add me to the map, please? thanks. i’ll send you a message on facebook about this too. you need just to add me in your list cause i sent you a request.

  25. alex should come to bucharest-romania! this is my dream. anyway, team rybak romania is promoting alex in romania as much as possible to provide a concert finally in our country. hope we’ll succeed in this.

  26. If you like to be add to the map: please send me a messages to my inbox by FaceBook (Milena Wiatrak) 🙂

    If you have some info about upcomming gig: please WRITE to us and I will update the map 🙂

  27. @Ecem -- you can write to Milena Wiatrak and she will add you on the map 😉

  28. Hey smurf ;P
    Please visit Turkey/Istanbul 🙂 😀
    I loved that map ! 🙂
    Can I add myself to the Istanbul? 😀 I live there too ! 😀

  29. @Elin: I will add this concert immediatly 🙂 I just didn´t know about 🙂

    Thank you !!!

  30. Wow, great!
    I recognize pictures my friends and I have taken 🙂
    But you have forgotten to mark one concert, Odalsfesten 6th June 09. 😉

  31. Please visit Miami!! Poshalysta prijeshaj v Miami mi bi bili ochen radi! Værsosnill kom og besøk Miami!!

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