Our favorite selection from Alexander Rybak´s MUZ-TV fan questions in June 2014

Alexander answered fans questions in a live video chat on the popular Russian music channel during his visit to promote “Into a Fantasy” 24.06.2014.

We thought there were many good questions and answers in that chat, so we selected some of our favorites to be presented here. MH= Meeting Host AR= Alexander Rybak. The full video chat you can find here: Link to video chat

MH: First question: Sasha hi. Tell me please how is it to sing and play the violin at the same time?

AR: I haven’t done this before, it’s tricky. I always finish singing and then start with the violin; I finish playing and then start singing again It’s kind of like traveling between Norway and Russia

MH: Hello Sasha, do you still dream about magic blue dolphins-from your song “Dolphin”

AR: Someone listened to my entire first album, a song about a dolphin. No, I don’t, how do you say… dream about animals any more, I dream about girls more

MH: Have you found the one yet?
AR: a dolphin or a girl?

Skjermbilde 2015-01-31 kl. 20.05.03

MH: a girl
AR: I haven’t found a girl yet. I did find her, but she wasn’t mine

MH: Hello Sasha. Tell me please how your life has changed since Eurovision

AR: What an original question-thank you! Before Eurovision, I was doing everything… for example, if it was about girls, if I was hanging out with a girl, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it and now, if I’m out with a girl, I make sure that no one finds out about it. Because after such how do you say, fame, I value every free day where I can have private moments. Of course I’m very grateful. I’m grateful that I can travel the world and they invite me to a new country every day. That’s fantastic

MH: Next question-hi Sasha, tell us please, are you planning a tour in Russian cities?

AR: I have such a full schedule, that I can rarely do a tour, you see Stas, listen to me, for me a tour is when I do the same thing  20-30 times all over Russia. It’s hard for me to do this, because my schedule is filled up in advance for many months for several years. But sometimes it works out to visit Russia.

MH: There are many questions about this: Sasha, please tell us, how do you feel about the Eurovision 2014 winner, Conchita?

AR: Well, Conchita won, there’s no disputing that. Her appearance is a bit strange, some like it and some don’t. The most important thing for me, personally, I like the song. I’m very happy that when an artist wins with such an appearance, he, she, he won with an excellent song. This song could be included in a James Bond movie. I supported the Netherlands, but I’m not opposed to the fact that Conchita won. I’m sure you think so, too many voted for her in Russia

MH: Next question: Sasha, tell us please your social media activity.

AR: OK, got it- great question. You can find me on Twitter @AlexanderRybak, you can find me on Instagram: @RybakOfficial and on Facebook, of course, where I just hit a milestone 700K fans and I’m happy that this week I have a new video for all of you 700K fans, it’s called “Into a Fantasy”, with the collaboration of DreamWorks, can you believe it?! Unbelievable.

MH: Continuing with social media questions: please tell us, do you talk with your fans online, do you add them on Instagram, Facebook, as friends?

AR: Sometimes, fans send me very touching messages and I’ve met some of you through your messages or through Facebook. I don’t often write to my fans but occasionally. I’ve been thinking that if I ever get married, it will be to a fan. Because they are always following what I do, it’ll be boring to introduce myself again, talk about my life. I’d like to start right away and continue our life. So I think I’ll get married to a fan.

MH: Wow, what a confession. OK, next question: What do you value most in a person and will you come to Kazakstan soon?

AR: Hi Kazakstan, I haven’t been there yet, but I hope to soon .The most important value in a person is to see that he is honest and sincere. Sometimes it’s better to get a negative answer that is, Honest!  It’s better to have an honest, negative answer that a fake, positive one. I hope you agree.

MH:Question about a sport. Do you like the biathlon?

AR: I like that people are doing the biathlon and it’s very impressive, well no I respect this sport, but I prefer watching soccer. I’ve been watching every game of the World Cup. I support Germany, Netherlands. OK, that’s not the question

MH: About girls again. Do you think Russian women are the most beautiful?

AR: Well, Russian women, I’m not used  to that you wear high heels all the time. For my taste, they are a little too high. But other than that, you are the most beautiful of course, and not only the most beautiful, but the sweetest.You have a sincere smile. You don’t smile often, but when you do, it’s very sweet and very sincere. So, of course Russian women are the best, when they are not wearing super high heels.

MH: What’s your ideal woman?

AR: Well, I feel that famous people should not talk about the ideal woman because I’d like for everyone to think that they are the most beautiful. This is very important. But having said that, I don’t like it when a girl tries to be something that she is not. I don’t like it when a tall, beautiful girl tries to be small and sweet. That doesn’t work. And when a small, sweet, well, short girl tries to be muscular. That’s not it. I like it when they act naturally, just like they are

MH: What kind of pop music do you listen to?

AR: As a classical musician, I don’t like the latest fad that they’ve had for the past 2-3 years, where they use only two chords without resolution. I’m speaking in musical terms I’m used to a song having a resolution.For example, I really like Gangham Style. Because in that song, the chords are structured in the Baroque, Bach style, etc. This is the key to success. And also, “Somebody I Used to Know”- I can’t remember their name… Gotti. They also had this great song, everything structured by the rules. But all those American songs that are always… I recently heard, and it’s not just the chords.The melodies are like that, there are no lyrics-everything is ‘oh, oh, oh, eh’. I recently heard some girls talking on a bus in Oslo  “have you heard that new song he’s singing-Oh, oh, oh, no, I mean Eh, eh, eh”.And it’s not clear what song we’re talking about

MH:  Out of your own songs, what’s your favorite?

AR: Out of mine, I like the song “13 Horses”. It’s very deep, with meaning and it’s a good balance to the party songs that. I usually write. And now, of course, I’m very happy that I wrote a song for “How to Train Your Dragon 2”- it’s called “Into a Fantasy”. Please show this song on YouTube at work, at school, to all your colleagues-“Into a Fantasy”. Go! They’re still here, go to YouTube!

MH: They are asking- did you already watch the cartoon?

AR: Yes, I watched the cartoon. I watched it 100 times while I was dubbing it. I’m the main character-in Norway, I’m dubbing him. By the way, you can’t hear my voice in Russia, unfortunately, although the studio invited me to do the same role. But they forgot that I’m not Russian and it’s a little bit difficult for me to talk. If you think that now I don’t speak Russian that well. Five years ago it was even worse. I came to the studio and the first phrase was, let me see: “Others have problems with mice, rats, but we have bigger problems-Dragons.” So I started to read: o-t-h-e-r-s.. and then the producers were like, Sasha, what are you doing? And I said- I’m Norwegian!

MH: What animal are you most like? Maybe you act like that, or look like that

AR: Oh, well, I look like a horse, but I probably look like a donkey! Yes, I’m a donkey, I’m stubborn, I don’t look around me. I only look straight ahead. So I’m a big Norwegian donkey!

MH: Hi, tell me please Sasha, how many years younger than you can your girlfriend be?

AR: Oh, that one I also can’t say online. But, like all men I can look at a 17-18 year old, although I can practically be her father.  But, in my mind I can’t really date her, because I feel that they are at a completely different level. I will happily flirt with a girl but if she’s a lot younger than me, I don’t want to… waste my time I would like… well, a man would like to teach her how to act and it’s easy to forget that she is a lot younger and has to grow. So I understood long ago that it’s better not to date women who are a lot younger than me.

MH: Next question: how often to you go on vacation (to rest) and which vacation is the most memorable?

AR: Well, I rest every day. I watch a new movie almost every day. Because I work 10-12 hours a day. First I practice my violin, then 3 hours of emails, then interviews, then a concert, than I practice again Then afterwards, that’s it – 3D glasses and a movie. Besides that, my favorite vacation was in the U.S. of course, with a girl from Iceland. And we both liked rollercoasters, how do you say it in Russian?  And I’ll never forget it, I’ll write a song about it. It’s awesome in America. I never want to go back to Europe  after having been in the U.S. But I have my career in Europe.

MH: What’s your favorite season?

AR: I like fall, because it hasn’t snowed yet, but it’s pretty cold and no one is forcing me to smile. In Norway, when it’s summer, everyone says “why are you working? Come with us, let’s have a beer.” But I need to work. And when it’s fall, no one invites me anywhere, because they are cold and at home. Then I can be myself , Sasha Rybak. And then, I am the most smiling person in Norway, because for everyone else, it depends on the sun, but for me, it’s the opposite.I can always find a reason to smile. Do you get it? I don’t know, do you get it?

MH: Hi Sasha, how much do you weigh?

AR: On a good day, I weigh, I don’t know- 80 kilos. Is that OK for you? OK, then 80 kilos. Maybe, 90, let’s say. Or is that too much?

MH: It’s a little too much

AR: Too much? Then 8…2. The only thing I know is that my height is 1 meter, 84. And I don’t know my weight


MH: If you had met someone who started playing the violin thanks to you, would you play a duet with that person?

AR: A lot of times, children come to me, who started playing thanks to me and they say that I’m their idol, their hero and I want right away to perform something with them. But if it’s 30-40 children every day, then I don’t have time to play with everyone and that’s why I have this project, where I gather the entire orchestra and we play together

MH: How much time do you need to write a song?

AR: Sometimes, I spend two weeks on the melody and that means that it’s not a good melody.The good songs appear right away and you don’t have to think about them. Those that don’t just inspire, but it’s easy to finish them. So if I have an idea, but I can’t develop that idea. Then it’s best to just drop it. I’m also a very visual artist. It’s very important for me to see something visual. A video or something similar. So if I don’t have an image in my mind, then the song is not good. So I was very happy that I wrote the song specifically for “How to Train Your Dragon 2” I was very happy that they agreed with me, DreamWorks agreed. And they approved the song, I hope that you already know that have a song from DreamWorks for “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. It’s called “Into a Fantasy”. Share it with your friends, with your family, friends, with everyone

MH: Have you ever done anything for which you are ashamed?

AR: I’m sure I have, but I’ve already forgotten. I was so ashamed that I forgot. I’ll remember later.

MH: Masha says: I love watching movies, what’s your favorite movie?

AR:  My favorite movie, I think is the Batman trilogy, the new one, because they have the three most important components that are at 100%. The first one is the music, the second one -great actors and the third one, how do you call it, the editing,  So if the director can accomplish these three components, then you don’t need special effects, not all the bucks. You just need:actors, music, editing, that’s all. Just like in my new video, “Into a Fantasy”

MH: When is your new album coming out?

AR: I decided that for pop music, I always need to be inspired by a story, like I said before, I need something visual and then I want to write a song. But an entire album, I very rarely want to write the same type of music. I prefer diversity. I often write single after single. My next album will be about a troll. It will be my musical. First we’ll produce it in Norwegian and then there will be a Russian and an English translation. But don’t wait for an album, wait for new songs

MH: What inspires you at this moment, to be creative?

AR: Well, my last two songs were about friendship, so I think friendship and support inspires me and I hope your life also has inspiration.

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