NRK-article from ESC 2009 by Hege Bakke Riise – 14.05.2009

“The last rehearsal went great!”

Alexander Rybak is just done with his last rehearsal before tonight’s semifinal. And the mood in the Norwegian delegation is pretty high. 

Article found and translated by Tessa La.
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Alexander Rybak was just on stage in Olympiyski Arena for the last time before tonight’s big semifinal. He is very satified with his own performance in the rehearsal.
– The last rehearsal went great, he cheered.
It’s in fact a bit scary, because I’m used the dress rehearsals going badly, and that the show goes well. If the show is even better than the rehearsals this time, I will be very, very happy.

His last rehearsal showed real joy of music and infectious humour, and Alexander and Frikar were rewarded with the concert hall’s loudest applause.

Fun with audience

Also, they who share the stage with Alexander, are well satisfied.

– We have just got better and better in each rehearsal, and now we think we are just at the level we should be, the three boys in the dance group Frikar say.

It was very nice to have audience at this rehearsal, we could hear them cheer when we kicked off the hats. That was fun, they said.

Alexander Rybak ESC 2019 backstage NRKThe Norwegian delegation is following the other countries during the dress rehearsal Thursday afternoon.

Not nervous

The atmosphere is good in the dressing room, but still quite calm. Outside the hall half the delegation are following the rest of the rehearsal on the monitor. Aren’t they getting nervous?

– I didn’t sleep well last night, and had lots of thoughts that buzzed in my head, backing singer Karianne Kjærnes said. But right now I feel nothing. Now I just want to get started. Although it will probably start to tingle a little bit pretty soon.

2009 nrk3
Back up singer Karianne and makeup artist Marianne Hommo relaxing in the dressing room after the dress rehearsal. 


Kjærnes has participated in five international Grand Prix Finals, which certainly helps with the nervousness. But the ESC debutants in Frikar are calm before tonight’s semifinal.

– I’m surprisingly calm, says Sigbjørn Rua. The excitement builds up from the time you wake up in the morning until you are on the way with the first rehearsal, but when that goes well, you tend to calm down. We have been on stage so many times now that we begin to feel at home there. Now it’s stretching and showering for the Frikars, and then the whole delegation will go out for dinner before returning to the hall to get ready for the broadcast.

Frikar ESc 2009 backstage NRK

I’m looking forward to do the salto tonight, Hallgrim Hansgaard in Frikar says. 

Hat problems

Delegation leader Stian Malm is almost satisfied, but is upset with a close up of a hat, who returns back in the production.
We have got most of it in order now, but I was watching the television pictures of the last rehearsal, and it is an image that comes back repeatedly, and we are trying to get it removed.

Now I have contacted EBU one more time, and hope that they comply with our wishes. There is no crisis, but I would like to get it fixed.

Broken PC

The delegation leader speaks as he goes, and keep a much higher tempo than the bunch that will be on stage tonight.

Are you nervous before tonight’s broadcast?
-No, I’m not. But we are many people at work now, so it happens a lot all the time. We have a commentator who did an excellent job on Tuesday, and who will be in action again tonight. Now, suddenly the computer she was going to use is broken, so we are working with finding a solution. These kind of things happen all the time, and it takes a lot of time. But Alex does a great job together with Frikar and our talented choir. This is going to be fun!

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