No one has more nominations -NRK June 11th, 2010

No one has more nominations

Alexander Rybak is in a league of his own, when it comes to nominations for Russians Music Awards.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak has taken Russia by storm after winning the ESC in Moscow last year. Foto: Kim Erlandsen/

Russian-speaking,  Norwegian Alexander Rybak, of Belorussian origin, is now definitely  among the elite in the Russian entertainment business.

Tonight’s Music Award,  on russian MUZ -TV, is the most prestigious  in the Russian music business, and Rybak is nominated  in three categories.

– No other artists are nominated in that many categories,  says record manager in Universal Music Russia Dimitrij Konov , who is Rybak’s record manager in Russia and the former Soviet-republics.
The nominations are in the categories ” Newcomer of the year”,  “Soundtrack of the Year” and ” Artist of the Year”. Alexander Rybak’s latest hit in Russia is called ” Super Geroj ” / Superhero ( actually “I Don’t Believe in Miracles” from the movie Black Lightning).

You can watch the music video on You Tube

Last week he had the dubious honor of getting the award “Plagiarism of the Year” in Russia with this song. This is not a problem, because it is not seen as a defeat, but rather as a proof of his Alexander Rybak’s popularity.

Rybak won with the highest score ever in ESC in Moscow 2009. Photo: Sara Johannessen/SCANPIX

– Alexander Rybak is now in the elite division of Russian artists. He has received four platinum records for sales of the album “Fairytales”.  More than 600.000 have bought the song as ringtone on their mobile phones.  He is an artist who has more to offer than just one hit. He has a concept and a show”,  says Konov.

Established star

In the largest music shop  in the gigantic shopping center Garbushka in Moscow with more than 300 shops,  Alexander Rybak is a well-known artist. Salesman Irina in the music shop Liverpool says the sale of Rybak’s CD was peaking right after he won the Eurovision final last year. Since then the sale has decreased slightly, but he has stabilized his position as an artist who is  between 1. and 20. place. It all depends on whether he has concerts, takes part in TV-shows etc.

As for himself,  Alexander Rybak doesn´t have the answer to what has happened.

 “I don’t understand, what has  happened” says Alexander and shakes his head.

Irina of the record-shop  thinks  she has some part of the explanation.
– People see Alexander Rybak both as a Russian and European.  At the same time he is an artist of international format, she says.

But it is not only in Russia he has a  market. In Belarus he is of course a hero. The same goes for Ukraine.

– He has during this year, become one of the most beloved artists of the people of the former Soviet Union,   says Konov.

Guy rumours

But it is not all idyll. With success, comes  rumors. After the Eurovision in Oslo in may, the Russian press has been filled with articles claiming that Rybak had declared himself homosexual. He says it is all a linguistic misunderstanding of some Belarusian journalists.

– I performed at the Belarusian delegation party in Oslo during ESC.  At the end I said in english “I love you guys”!  The English skills of the Belarusian journalists are not very good, so they interpreted “guys” as “gays”, which gives a slightly different meaning ,  Alexander Rybak grinning.

Thus it exploded in the Russian-speaking press.

The headlines said that Alexander Rybak had revealed his homosexuality. It did not help that he denied the rumours on Russian TV. One of the big websites for Russian homosexuals, found the matter so amusing that they published a large picture of Rybak with a headline, saying:

” Sorry, guys!!! – He is not one of us!”

End of love – Now I need to focus

Now the young norwegian artist, will have full focus on this market.

– I have been so stupid this year because I was in love with a Norwegian girl, so I have refused a lot of good jobs in Russia to save the love. Now love is over and I will definitely focus, he says determined.

No matter how the award ceremony tonight turns out, even if he doesn´t get any of the three awards he is nominated for, it seems that Russia is ready for him.

It might happen that he will have to contradict the words from his Russian hit “Super Geroj”, where he repeats in the chorus, that he doesn´t believe in miracles. There is very much that points in the direction that he  is experiencing a miracle of his own in Russia.

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