“No Boundaries” – released on June 21, 2010

(researched by Ellen Nl, Venche Mellemstrand, Ingegerd Claesson, Kata Karppinen, Norma, Anglezina, Yanis)

Buy the album in MP3 format here: http://mp3.platekompaniet.no/site/web3/view.ftl?page=product&productId=4096370

and on iTunes of course!

Buy CD and get it WORLDWIDE from here:

http://www.bengans.se/Artist.aspx?artist=RYBAK+ALEXANDER&section=music (delivery from Sweden)

and here:

http://www.amazon.com/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1275598109&sr=8-15 (delivery from USA)

and here:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1277106549&sr=8-1 (delivery from UK)

and this link  http://cdon.eu/music/rybak_alexander/no_boundaries-9419954 but ONLY if you live in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

34 thoughts on ““No Boundaries” – released on June 21, 2010”

  1. Hi girls!

    Do you know when will the CD be release phisically in other countries? and if so, which ones?? I know Kjell was supposed to post it on Facebook, but I don’t know if I’ve missed that or that he hasn’t posted it yet. thanks! 🙂

  2. No Boundaries is now available on iTunes in the U.S. for $10.89 compared to $30.49 on Amazon.

    1. Yes, we know it! But Amazon was the very first who sell it;) I’m adding the link to Itunes just now!:)

  3. you can also preorder it from hmv.com in the uk, but I think it delivers to other countries, too.
    🙂 i can’t wait for mine to come in the post soon :L

  4. Congrats on the abum release!! I cant wait to get it!! Im so happy for you and wish you the best!!! Love lots from Colorado!!!


  5. I just LOOOOOVE this new CD! It’s so good and interesing with all the different music 🙂

  6. BTW, THANK YOU JULIA, FOR THIS GREAT POSTING!!! What a great thing, that people can get help to buy the album, because you bother to do this work. Spasibo!!!

  7. And we are not Alex. We are fans, who made this fansite. And we can not make the CD sold by other companies, because you don´t like Amazon. Sorry, but there is a limit to our services.

  8. I am surprised, so many of you panic and complain, but you dont READ the posting!!!!!. You can BUY THE CD WORLDWIDE…WE GIVE YOU THE LINKS IN THE POSTING. You can buy it in Iceland, Turkey and United States. Even in Australia. JUST READ THE POSTING AND USE THE LINKS!!!!!!!

    Honestly, I am a bit tired of this. We do all this work for you. We are just fans like you ( and no, we can not give you signed copies from Alex )

    But you don´t read the postings. You just look at it and conclude: OH MY COUNTRY IS NOT MENTIONED..WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR!!!!!!

    READ THE POSTINGS PROPERLY AND GET HAPPY!!!!! And give us a break!!

  9. People, you can buy it WORLWIDE! Just order it through Internet sourses! We gave you links:)) Just do it!

    And about MP3 version. For today we have only “Oah” -- the first single from “No Boundaries” -- now released WORLD WIDE on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Aspiro, eMusic, Basepoint, 24-7 MusicShop and many other digital music shops.

  10. What a shame! It’s not sold in Turkey like Fairytales.. :((
    Alex has never been in Turkey.. At least we want to buy his albums.. 🙁

  11. what about iceland ? D: .. have everyone forgotten about us ??
    there are fan’s here too , but alexander havent been here .. and now i really want to hear the album but no .. theres nothing for iceland .. iceland is just a little country in the sea that can just dissappear -.-‘

    i know that sounded a bit harsh but thats the truth =/ !

  12. Alex !! if I want to get ur CD in U.S i need to get it from Amazon ? I don’t like Amazon grr ..try to see another way more easy to get ur CD here please thanks =) <3

  13. Love Alex! so excited to get the CD. Just hope I can get it quickly even though I live in America.

  14. “No Boundaries” is available in the United States for pre-order at Amazon.com. It’s already listed.

  15. There is a link that you can get the CD Worldwide. So people in Turkey, Poland, and yes us Americans can get the CD. I’m glad that you can get it worldwide know because some people *cough Americans could only get the Eurovision song and not an album but I talked about it when I a comment earlier. JUST click on the link to get the CD Worldwide.

  16. Yaaaaay! I cannot wait until No Boundaries is released as I WILL be pre-ordering the cd, but I agree with Carys, we love you over here in the UK as well Alex!! <3 Is there any chance of you touring in England?

  17. Thankfully I can pre-order it because I am in the UK but will Alex ever tour here? We love him too!!!
    I listened to the album preview on the lionheart music website aswell. It sounds pretty good, really different from the first album!
    It would be cool if I could download Alex’s songs on UK itunes -- the only Alex song we can buy on there is Fairytale 🙁

  18. Oh Alex Pleaseeeee!!DON’T FORGET US!!Why your CDs’ not sold in Turkey???You couldn’t come here but your CDs can be sold in our country,right??? 🙁 Help us…..

  19. oh no!! Againn?But this is not smartly! The most crowded fan in Turkey, but ın Turkey, Alex’s cd not sold here.:( Please, CD, can come to Turkey? Can be sold here? Because We love you so much Alex.couldn’t come himself, cd to come?ask.Please.

  20. как и где можно купить этот альбом в россии? я люблю сашеньку.

  21. G’day, will there be any way to get a signed copy? As he will never tour Australia, it would be nice to get an autograph somehow.

  22. Taylor and Katherine, this list of the countries is only for pre-order through the site.
    New album will be released in more countries. When we get information about it, we’ll post it here.
    Have a nice day!

  23. Nuuu, it’s not available in North America? Oh, the pain, the pain! But somehow, my heart will go on!

    Dramaticized feelings aside, I am very excited, because I know eventually I’ll be able to buy it.

  24. Question,
    Is there any possible way of getting an album in the America? In terms of expanding the market. I know you can only get the song Fairytale on itunes but that is that. Thanks.

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