Nights in Stockholm. Rybak and others from Let’s dance


The article  was published in “Sport Baldet”, January 20th, 2011

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(English translation by Mary-Ann H., Russian translation by Sofia Khodorovskaya)

Frank Anderson and Alexander Rybak gamble on horse races at Solvalla.

– I won SEK 10 000, said Frank Anderson.

Throughout the week Frank Anderson, 54, and Alexander Rybak, 24, practicing jive and tango for “Let’s Dance” on Friday.

But on Wednesday they left the dance studio to play on the horses at Solvalla outside Stockholm.

– It’s nice to have something else to think about than just dancing. We train hard every day and it ‘s up to 25 hours per week. Then you may want to do something else in the night,- said Frank Anderson who attracted Alexander Rybak to the racetrack.

It didn’t start very well, but in the last race Frank Anderson got the jackpot.

Cheers in milk

After having spent 1200 dollars on the horse “Out of Question”, he won about SEK 10 000.

– Holy shit, that was good. A perfect ending to the evening,- he says, and cheers in milk.

– I have to get up early and work out. Now we go hard and don’t take any chances,- he says about the choice of drink.

For the rest of the gang, it didn’t went that well. They abandoned Frank Anderson’s expert advice after losing earlier in the evening.

– Next time we will rely on Frank all the way,- says dancers Charlotte Sinclair and Malin Johansson and watch the bankroll with a thousand pieces that Frank just picked up.

Alexander Rybak was talking in his phone and didn’t bet on the race.

– It was an expensive call,- said Frank Anderson, laughing.

It rubs off

His great interest in horse racing has rubbed off on several of the participants in “Let’s Dance”. Both Bjorn Ranelid, 61, and Anders Bagge, 43, is eager to play.

– It was supposed that Ranelid should have been here too, but he had to go to Åmål. He will be here next time instead. Me and Anders Bagge played at V75 last Saturday and got five right. Bagge has appetite whetted for this and want to play again. So next time at Solvalla we be even more,- said Frank Anderson.

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