Nice memories from the concert in Miami: Alexander Rybak and The Three Jacks



An article from the Church magazine “Fyrlykta”, published on 14.11.2010

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

A phenomenal stage show

There is only one thing to say, the Alexander Rybak concert was a fantastic event.

Henk Milne in The Three Jacks set the tone when he said that he had a special relationship with Norwegians and referred to the Vikings raids in Ireland. Now the Norwegian are building a church. “We better join them he continued before he and the band provided an hour of speed and rhythm together with the three girls in Breffni Dancers, who was a fireworks of precision and very fast feet.
And then he came, the one everyone was waiting for: Alexander Rybak. He played and sang many songs that can be found on Youtube and gave the benefit of a large repertoire, which showed that he can play both classical and modern pieces on the violin.

Moreover, he showed that he is a great entertainer with a great capacity for self-irony. The musician, singer and artist shown up to the audience’s wildapplause.

On November 13, 2010 Alexander performed in Miami (USA) at the concert, organized by Norwegian Seamen’s Church, to raise funds for the construction of the new church. This weekend, November 20, 2011, the church was opened by the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette Marit. The church has been named after her and got the name Seamen’s Church Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Church, Scandinavian Church & Center.



Mini interview with «Bud and Hilsen» 5 / 2010

– What relationship do you have to Seamen’s Church?
AR: My first encounter was in Benidorm, Spain, when I was 11 years. My family and Iwas looking for a café, and suddenly there was a man named Thorbjørn, who greeted us, and who drew us into the Seamen’s Church. Since then I have had several concerts for the Seamen’s Church and the Salvation Army in Norway.
Why do you want to contribute to the realization of the new Seamen’s Church in Florida?
AR: We need tohave a safe and healthy Norwegian environment in all countries, where people can express themselves in a positive way.
What kind of concert can the audience in Miami expect?
AR: Lots of pop, but also some ballads and soft music. I hope there are people of all ages,because I have specialized for a diverse audience.

And yes, there were people of all ages and from many nations, totaling nearly 900.

Here is a video from that concert, The Three Jacks and Alexander Rybak jaming together in Miami, November 13, 2010


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