Alexander’s concert in Målselv, July 4th, 2010

(photo by Lise Løvland)

Underline: With a very enthusiastic audience in Istindportalen  Alexander Rybak  felt  that he was almost at home.

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Translation by Tessa La


And it is of course an official opening, when it comes to the culture week. Some words from the deputy mayor, songs by local artists and sing a long should be the framework for the start of “Summer Målselv”. But it has to be said that it with benefit could tightened the concert program a part, for it was all about one man this afternoon, and it was the winner of last year’s Grand Prix.

And when the scene eventually went black and we heard a lonely piano playing, as three fairy looking violinists came out of the blue-black smoke, we realized that it was not without reason that Rybak is portrayed as a Espen Askeladd In the magical fairytale atmosphere the main character step out in the end, more like Veslefrikk then Askeladden, and from the first instrumental theme from Dovregubbens Hall, we just had to dance.

“I Do not Know you, but I need more time”, Rybak sings, but he didn’t need much time to elicit smiles and stomp clap from a very enthusiastic audience in the packed auditorium. Playful? Funny little world? With charming ukulele-sound from the fiddle, waltz with full impact, bluegrass and linedance, tunes, sing a longs, and getting the audience to massage each other on the back – nothing was left untried in Rybak’s meeting with the audiance.

As to say, it must sometimes be a o be a stressful job to catch the audiance, when most people in the audience only know of a couple of the artist’s songs in advance. But Rybak manage to do it despite the fact that he had to run entertainment parallel with the educational attitude. With a solid band at the back and three violinists / choir from the Barratt Due Institute of Music, where he was educated, there was room for smiles and kicking during the songs. And the joy infected.
– The next song we will play is probably the finest song as ever written, “said Alexander about halfway into the concert.
– It is also one I’ve made yourself, “he added with a smile, before he corrected himself and introduced Billy Joel’s” Always a Woman “, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the exact hour-long concert.
But the obvious highlight was not until the very, very end, as an encore number two. When we had sung Ai-ai-ai on the “Roll with the Wind” and let us be carried away by the fiddle-playing in which the four violinists played the instruments behind their back, the bow between their knees and on all kinds of ways. And when he said “thank you for tonight” (though well ahead at six, but, whatever, that absent minded it must be allowed to be ?) The audience started with a rhythmic “Rybak! Rybak!” until he came in and rewarded the enthusiasm with a Hungarian suite.

And Fairytale, of course. It may be that he sometimes would want himself far away from his own song, but hardly right there and then, with singing, cheering children and adults in front of the stage. Alexander Rybak draw full houses, and putting quite a few other artists in place. That he rewards his audience with a 100% effort makes him a musician it is worthwhile to listen to.

Was there nothing that pulled down anything during the concert? Well, it will probably always be, but if you let the cheers judge, there was not much Alexander Rybak could have done differently.

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  1. Молодец Настя!С дебютом!Спасибо за помощь в переводе Stefaniе Frents!И большая благодарность за все переводы Tessa La!

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