Finally, there is a new pop-song coming from our one and only

Alexander Rybak.

Release Worldwide:  Oct. 12th

Alexander is a musical talent with an ambitious vision.

He is an artist; A globetrotter that travels the world to seek musical inspiration; To spread the joy of playing music.

On his travels around Europe,  Alexander meets fantastic people to share the moment with. Some of his fans become true friends.

This song is a story from that life on the road.

Alexander tells it best himself:

I needed a new single for Eastern Europe and as I wrote the song, I grew fond of the melody and the story – so I decided to share it with all of you – in English. It´s a true story of a woman who travelled around half the world to babysit my doorstep, sent me 600 emails and always seems to find my new (secret!) phone number. I have to give her credit for her hard work in finding me wherever I am. I am a lucky man to even experience this, it´s something you normally only see in a movie. I got so inspired, that  I had to write a song about it. I wanted the song to be a huge pop-anthem and luckily I got the perfect man for the job, David Eriksen has a heart for popmusic and he creates magic in his studio. So – here we are. I hope you like it. I think I wanna dance”,- smiles Alexander. 

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Official website of Alexander Rybak

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