New album: “Visa vid vindens ängar”. June 15th 2011


Album release by Lionheart Music Group AB and Universal Norway. 15-06-2011 in Sweden. 17-05-11 in Norway.

Physical release in Norway and Sweden. Digital release worldwide.

Links to homepages:


Digital download:




How to buy the  album in shops:

Norway and Sweden: Music-shops ( Platekompaniet etc.)

How to buy the physical album in web-shops:

Norway only:

Sweden, Denmark and Finland:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom: ¨

Scandinavia :

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Germany, Estonia, EU and  “International”- Including  ASIA :

This posting will be updated, as soon as more info is available!

21 thoughts on “New album: “Visa vid vindens ängar”. June 15th 2011”

    1. @Rybaklover, actually it is described in the posting you’re commenting to;) You can order the CD on Cdcon or buy all songs in MP3 format at iTunes or Grappa on-line stores. You just need to have credit card for that. Unfortunately CD won’t be on sale in the music shops in your country.

  1. I live in AUSTRALIA and it was easy to get the new cd posted from Norway….paid by credit card and the cd arrived in 7 days…..excellent.

  2. @Adri89ana

  3. Usbflash4, the posting is updated with links, that just helped Adriana from Taiwan to buy the physical album. Look in the link
    Maybe also the one from musiconline. Look in the posting.

  4. Hi! Can any one of you help me?????
    I live in Taiwan, and i would love to have Alex’s new album, but there is no link for Asia, or Taiwan, there is only for Europe, does anyone of you know another link and any way for me to get it???

    Please I need your help!

    1. @usbflash4, you can buy it on after June 15, but the cost of delivery would be quite high I guess….

  5. I’m live in Vietnam how can i buy mr.Rybak’s albums? Please tell me. thanks. PS. i don’t want to buy on itune

  6. Thanks Venche -- and Ulli. I have updated the posting with the new Info.

  7. Me too:-)))))). And looking forward to hear the Smurf sing all the songs in swedish:-))

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