Natasha and Julie about Alexander Rybak to VG – Eurovision 2018

Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend in Lisbon: “That’s why I fell for Alexander”

Source: Text: Stein Østbø , published 11.05.18. Interviewer: Morten Hegseth. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak’s closest supporters, mother Natasha Rybak and girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm, are in Lisbon and ready to cheer for their dear one in the Eurovision final.

In an interview with VGTV’s Morten Hegseth, the two tell about how the last week has been. Both admit that Thursday’s semi-final, where Rybak’s “That’s How You Write a Song” was announced as the seventh final song, was nerve-racking.
– My God, I really thought I was going to faint, said a relieved Julie Gaarud Holm.

Julie Gaarud Holm, who last year was surprised by her boyfriend on her own 23rd birthday with a specially composed song – “Til Julie” – met Rybak the first time on Tinder almost three years ago.
It was a perfect match.

– You know, he was really quite special. He was so incredibly different and wonderful-weird, and I thought that was just so incredibly lovely. I fell head over heels, she says in an interview with VGTV’s host Morten Hegseth.

The meeting with the in-laws also went well, even though she admits that she was nervous the first time she was going to meet them.

– Yes, but they’re just awesome, and since I was not a musician, I was also a little afraid of that, but it went great, says Julie Gaarud Holm, VGTV.

Alexander Rybak’s voice and cold has been among the major conversation topics in Lisbon this week. After the semi-finals on Wednesday night, he spent four minutes with the Norwegian press, with a buff around his throat, avoiding answering directly questions from VG about the voice.

– I’m just thinking tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, said Rybak, who still had two more performances on Friday, and a general rehearsal Saturday morning before the big final.

Julie Gaarud Holm confirms that Alexander’s voice has not been on top this week.

– He has not been well the last few days, but we just have to cross our fingers to that he is in top shape for the final, she said.

His girlfriend confirms smiling that they – like many top athletes – almost have a kissing and talking ban in the Eurovision weeks and that they don’t share the same hotel room.

– He is a little scared of losing his voice, so he wants to be by himself. But we text a lot and he visits when he has time in the evenings. That’s nice, says Julie Gaarud Holm.

Natasha Rybak has been with her son at Eurovision before, when Alexander won in 2009. This time she is calmer.

– Nothing has changed, really, and I get some incredible feedback from everywhere. Now I’m calmer and just looking at what amazing artist he really is and hope that others will see it too, says Natasha Rybak to VGTV.

TO THE FINAL: A happy Alexander Rybak when the final was secured in Lisbon. Photo: Armando Franca / TT NYHETSBYRÅN


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