Congratulations, Alex!

Alexander won one MUZ-TV award in Moscow tonight! Best Breakthrough 2009! Congratulations from all your Facebookies!

Video of Alexander receiving the prize, recorded and uploaded by Rybachka1.
Article from NRK (Norwegian TV), researched by Sara Anja Ruske and translated astonishingly fast by Marianne Saietz.
Alexander Rybak won the award for “breakthrough of the year” at the distribution of the high-prestigeous russian music-awards in Moscow tonight.
by Morten Ruud – 11.6.2010
He got the award for last years European Song Contest-winner «Fairytale».
Most nominations
The evenings distribution of music-awards at russian MUZ-TV is the most prestigeous in russian music-industry and Rybak was nominated in 3 categories.
Rybak was present at the award-show and was very surprised of the award
– I did not expect this and am incredibly happy. Now, I hope, I have established myself on the russian market, Rybak says to NRK
Alexander Rybak has become big in Russia after the ESC-victory in Moscow in may last year
– No other artists are nominated in so many categories, says recordlabel-manager Dimitrij Konov, ofi Universal Music Russia, who is also Rybaks record-label-manager in Russia and the former Soviet-republics.
Lost to “friends”
He was nominated in the categories Breakthrough of the year, soundtrack of the year and best male artist of the year.
But had to surrender to Philip Kirkorov in the category Best soundtrack of the year, who most norwegians might remember, since Rybak had dinner at his home, before the ESC-final in Moscow last year.
Another ESC-celebrity became “Best male artist of the year”. Dima Bilan, who won Russias first ESC-victory, won the prestigeous award.
Plagiate of the year
Last week, he had the dubious honor of being awarded the prize of “Plagiate of the year”. It is not a problem, because this is not seen as a defeat. It is rather a proof of Alexander Rybaks popularity*
– Alexander Rybak is now in the eliete-league among russian artists. He has received 4 platinum-records for the sale of the CD ” Fairytales”. More than 600.000 has bought the melody as ringtone for cellphones.
“He is an artist, who has more than just one hit. He has a program and a show”, says Konov.
Video of Alexander entering the hall, walking on the red carpet and giving a short interview with English subs. Thanks to Sveta Plyasun for recording and making subs! Translation by Irina Kuvaldina!
Alexander also performed his song “Я не верю в чудеса – Супергерой”, aka “Don’t Believe In Miracles – Superhero”. Thanks to SergeyVesna for the recording.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ALEX!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME ! ! ! You deserved this price cause it was the best breakthrough for sure! I like this song!! MANY KISSES FROM GREECE!
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Good job Facebookies, I’m so proud his fans managed to give him this price. He says on his wall that he got 80% of the votes, that’s fantastic

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