Alexander Rybak in “Fiddler on The Roof” 2007

Alexander got the role as the Fiddler in the musical “Fiddler on The Roof” at Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), Norway. The premier was the 31st of January 2007, and the musical went on to mid June. Alexander got the role even before he won “Kjempesjansen” in late 2006, and the reviews in the media were brilliant.

“The immensely gifted and charming scene thief Alexander Rybak with star-dust on the vest” Mona Levin, source

“Young Alexander Rybak, who debuts on stage in the Fiddler role, is a real catch. His virtuosity on the violin impresses and he has a strong stage presence”. Source: Idalou. published 6.2.2007

“The Russian love song sung by the debutant Alexander Rybak,  is a poetic highlight”. Source:, published 6.2.2007

“Rybak’s sophisticated, sweetfiddling and virtuoso double grip helped to make Oslo Nye’s musical to a great experience”. Source: 2.2.2007

This is the only video, as far as we know , from the musical . You can see a glimpse of Alexander several times.

A video with the sound from Alexander and Dennis performance in Alexander’s concert in Operahuset 11.8.2009 and pictures from the musical. By Catalina Balan.

 “The newcomer of The Year” – HEDDA award

His performance of the Fiddler was rewarded with the HEDDA-award for “Newcomers of The Year”, a scholarship, is meant to point forward, and to encourage further artistic effort in the coming years.

This is what the jury said about Alexander:

Despite young age despite, he has just turned 21, the “Newcomer of The Year” has already won competitions, received awards, attended festivals and been touring both in Norway and abroad. He still comes under the category of “Newcomer”, because he has so far not market himself on stage. He did that for the first time this winter, in a role where he besides shining musically, impressed and charmed with his spontaneous joy of playing and his incredible stage presence. “Newcomer of The Year” is ALEXANDER RYBAK for his efforts as a fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof, Oslo Nye Teater, Spring 2007.

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