Alexander Rybak – Movie music

Alexander Rybak  – Movie music

Alexander has told many times  about his interest for movies. Many of the songs and music Alexander has performed are from movies. A couple of them he has actually composed and performed in the movies himself 🙂 Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of these songs, and a link to the movie they appear in on Wikipedia. Some of the songs appear in several movies, and in those cases we have linked to the song itself on Wikipedia

To keep the list updated, we need your help. Comment below if you know about any other movie related songs or music he has already played so far or will play in the future. 

A big thanks to all of you who have helped with this list, especially May Elisabeth Nipen and Mónika Menyhért, who have done most of the work searching the Internet to find out which songs are connected to movies and the needed links. 🙂

And below the list you find the video-version – a medley with details of movies and the sound of Alexander’s performances.

Click on the song title to watch the video and the movie title to read about movie. 

5 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak – Movie music”

  1. Why is this list and the classical music list removed from the menu and not even added to any category? No ones finds them.
    The same with the new 3 part anniversary series.
    They all deserve a well visible place.

  2. Yes !!!! I don’t know all these songs so that’s something I’m looking forward to listening to tomorrow or rather today ( 00:30 in France ) Thanks Alex for all these fabulous moments of music

  3. Wow! Yeah I do know some of these but didn’t know the list was that long 😀 thank you all, ladies 🙂

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