“Midtvinterdansen” and orchestra seminar Verdalen 07.02.2015

Two articles about the orchestra seminar and concert at “Midtvinterdans” in Verdalen.


Underline to featured picture: FAIRYTALE: Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the  concert of “Midtvinterdans” on Saturday night. The experienced charmer enjoyed himself together with children and teenagers, and the audience got a tremendous version of his “Fairytale”. 

Published in paper issue of Trønderavisa 09.02.2015.                                    Author and photo: Tommy Leonhardsen                                                                Found and translate by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anny Jowett.

Alexander Rybak was the main attraction at the annual Midwinter Dance in Verdal.
Almost 280 children and teenagers got to perform together with their idol on his popular Fairytale in a sold out venue in Verdal. 

Silver plate
Saturday was spent on workshops and rehearsals with amongst others Alexander Rybak as a teacher.
-It was really great to be able to come to Verdal, Rybak told Trønder-Avisa.
-I often have courses for children and teens, but usually I have to plan and carry out everything myself, explained the violinist.
-Here everything was finished as if on a silver plate and I could spend time on the most important thing, which is to inspire the next generation of violinists, ended Rybak.

Alexander Rybak is a very experienced artist, but he still felt nervous before his performance at Verdalsøra.
Contrary to my ordinary audience almost everyone here knows what I`m doing, and how it should be, said the always cheerful Rybak and smiled to the audience.
It makes it easier when everyone`s interested in my favourite genre, folk music, he said flattering the audience, while the audience applauded.
Rybak played five songs, giving an impressive performance. His own composition Dagdrøm was the highlight here. With small talk and jokes from the stage, he got both the audience and the violinists in a good mood, before Fairytale was performed with almost three hundred children and teenagers. It was definitely a successful version of what`s already become a classic.

The nine year olds Arja Totsås (left) and her friend Malin Fossum from Mosvik were ready for the concert at Stiklestad National Culture centre on Sunday morning. Arja wants to become a composer, while Malin wants to become as good as Rybak, that`s why they practise every day.

Stiklestad National Culture centre was full of happy children and teenagers on Sunday morning. Arja Totsås (9) from Inderøy and her friend Malin Fossum (9) from Mosvik (9) anxiously wait for the concert to begin. Arja has Rybak`s autograph, after waiting in line for one and a half hours on Saturday night, and was now ready to show what she had learned.
-Rybak was an incredibly funny teacher and he joked and made a lot of nonsense with us, Arja tells while Malin nods.
-He in fact played while holding the bow still and moving the violin back and forth under it, Arja tells a bit shaken.
-But now everyone understands that it`s the bow that is supposed to move, ascertains the young violinist.

Malin Fossum takes part in the Midwinter Dance for the first time this year.
-It was a lot of fun and very informative, says the young violinist in a grown up way.
-I have played for three years and practise a lot every day, Fossum continues.
-I`ll practise and become as good as Rybak, promises the young musician from Mosvik.

Tremendous Fairytale acclaim

midtvinterdans verdalen
A great mood: Alexander Rybak showed great versatility during the concert. He was in a great mood.


Published in paper issue of Verdalingen 10.02.2015.                             Author and photo: Tor Ole Ree                                                                                      Found by Ulli C, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak got real help when he performed Fairytale at the venue.

The Midwinter Dance was held at the weekend and several hundred children and grown-ups took part in the festival program.
One of the absolute highlights for the performers was probably playing Fairytale together with Alexander Rybak on Saturday night.
A sold out venue got to experience Rybak in a great mood, and the rooftop almost lifted during the performance of the song with which he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.

Praised the audience
-You`re a great audience Rybak repeated and there was no doubt that he enjoyed himself a lot at the folk music festival in Verdal where he also was a teacher.
The popular artist denied, after hints from the festival manager Geir Egil Larsen that he was nervous about landing at Værnes because of the storm.
-But I have been nervous to play for you. You all know what this is about, he said.
Before the grand final Rybak played various compositions of different genres FOR inspiration for children and adults. Stefan Zlatanos accompanied on the piano

midtvinterdansen verdalen
LOT OF VIOLIN SOUND: Alexander Rybak was overwhelmed by the many young musicians who participated in “Midtvinterdans”.



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