MGP-winner Tooji gets advice from Alexander Rybak. Feb. 12th 2012.

Article published on 12.2.2012. Written by Martine Lunder.

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Translation by Marianne Saietz

WON. Tooji Keshtkar won the norwegian MGP-final superior. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau/VG 

“It still hasn´t dawned on me”, Tooji says about the victory.

VG Nett.)  Tooji Keshtkar ( 24 ) won a superior victory at MGP 2012. Backstage, he got advice by Eurovision-winner Alexander Rybak. VG meets Tooji the day after he won MGP with 155.480 votes ahead of both Nora Foss al-Jabri, Bobby Bare & Petter Øien and Plumbo.

” It hasn´t dawned on me yet. Everything is just surreal. I couldn´t sleep last night, even though I tried very hard. The head was just filled with pictures from the night – Mom, who is cheering, the fans who are screaming and my name, being announced”, says Tooji, who sung the song “Stay”.

Winner-advice from Rybak.

Between the battles at Oslo Spektrum, Tooji tried to sooth his nerves backstage. There, he got advice from Alexander Rybak, who won the international ESC himself in 2009.
” He has supported me all the way and been a great help. He asks all the time, how I am doing and takes very good care of me. He has almost become a sort of older brother”, Tooji says. ” For instance, he was very concerned, that I should spare my voice, so he would not let me do all the rehearsals, I was asked of” the artist laughs.

PARTY: Tooji in the final of MGP at Oslo Spektrum saturday night. Photo: Scanpix

Alexander Rybak stepped in for Stella Mwangi at the MGP-final. Here, he played both a part of her “Haba Haba” and of his own winnersong “Fairytale”.

 “I really look up to Alexander, so I am very proud to get help from him. He really knows what this is about”, Tooji says.

Feared Plumbo

First, Tooji came in the gold-final together with Nora Foss al-Jabri, Bobby Bare & Petter Øien and Plumbo. On the day of the final, VG wrote, that many of this years contestants feared Plumbo, because of the huge media-attention, the band has received.

– ” In a way, Plumbo dominated the MGP in many ways and of course, they were huge competitors, but when I was chosen in Florø, it prooved that Norway wanted me too”, says Tooji, who is full of praises for his competitors: ” Plumbo is a fantastic band with an incredibly catchy song.”

Believes in top-3

GIVES EXPERT-ADVICE: Alexander Rybak. Photo: Scanpix

But it is Tooji, who will represent Norway at the international final in Baku, Aserbajdsjan on may 26th.

” At the norwegian final, I promised myself to deliver a firework of a show. That, I will do in Baku too”, Tooji promises. Here, he will perform the song “Stay”, which the Eurovision-team itself thinks, had the greatest international appeal of the norwegian songs. “That, I take as a huge compliment. Now, I will take Norway all the way to the top and to the top-3 at least, I will manage” Tooji smiles.

Back at work

When it was clear, Tooji had won, Mayor Fabian Stang reacted fast, and gave the artist a day off from work at the Oslo City Child Council on Monday. ” How surreal is that, that the Mayor gives me a day off ,because I won the MGP? It is completely amazing”, Tooji laughs.

After Monday, however, he looks forward to get back to work. – “The City Child Council makes me keep by feet solid on the ground. I have clients who are waiting and a job to do, so it will just be lovely to get back. And I am still, excactly the same Tooji”, says the MGP-winner.

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