Alexander in the official anthem “Live It” for WC for Men’s Handball in Qatar 2015

Alexander takes part in the anthem “Live It”

The performance of the song on the opening show can now be watched here


Alexander is one of the 24 artists who takes part in the official anthem for World Championship  handball in Qatar 2015.  He is representing  Belarus, who participates in the WC with their national team. Read more about this unique project that brought together 24 musicians and artists from around the world to create the official song of the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship on 2015 Hanball’s website.

Article in Norwegian press:, translated with googlish here.

In this video Alexander talks about the importance of classical music as a solid grounding for any musician. Pablo Lopez from Spain talks about the importance of sharing in an artists career. The culmination is a beautiful, spontaneous, improvisation between the two on the violin and piano. Video by Jim Shreim. Found by Ulli C. 

The lyrics, free download for mp3 and several exclusive ringtones you will find here  

Lyrics of the song have been provided by Amir Teima and Shady Ahmed, and the music is composed by the Norwegian Sveinung S Nygaard.

Alexander’s line:)

“Hold your breath. Seize the moment when you live it, win it” 

The income from the championship ticket sales will to go to Education Above All’s global programme – Educate A Child, to bring the transformational power of education to children.

Alexander’s supporting speech for the project #EAC

More info about “Educate A Child” here, and the support from Qatar2015 here.

A short piece of the anthem played by Alexander and Pablo Lopez

International stars meeting in Madrid 

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