“Keeping the traditions”- “Tidens Krav”. Dec.5th 2011

Published in “Tidens Krav”, Dec. 5th 2011. Written by Liv Jorunn Denstadu Sagmo.

Photo: Mona Nordøy.

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Marianne Saietz

Text under picture: To Frei. Alexander Rybak visits Frei Church, together with Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi, with their concert “Vinterbilder”

Keeping the traditions

….But first, Rybak & Co are going to Frei Church.

Alexander Rybak is looking forward to a calm tour before Christmas. But he never performs, in the last days before Christmas. ” Not even, if  I was offered a lot of money” – says Rybak to Tidens Krav.

December and the time of advent, always brings Christmas-concerts. Wednesday, Alexander Rybak, the actor Dennis Storhøi and singer Anne Vada, will come to Frei Church with “Vinterbilder”. During advent, they will give 13 concerts all around the  country.

” To us, it is important to go,  where the people are.  I wish to experience as many places in Norway as possible.  To play in the Grieg-Hall, becomes boring in the long run”, says Rybak to “Tidens Krav”.

This years Christmas-tour makes a strong contrast to the american-inspired “Swinging home for Christmas” by Rybak last year.

” There, we were 12 people on stage, full horn-section, lots of show and sprinkling snow. Now, it is a family-concert with a mixture of dignity and humor. At such a concert, the audience expects calm and comfort. I have a huge respect for that”,  says Rybak.


But Rybak has not managed to leave the show-Christmas-music all behind and he reveals, that he has managed to sneak in, an american Christmas-medley. Asked about personal Christmas-favorites, Rybak mentions the psalm ” Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” and the songs by Alf Prøysen.  ” It can´t be Christmas without Christmas- arias, but they are very easy to ruin, if people are not able to sing well”, says Rybak.  Therefore, he is happy, that Anne Vada is part of the ensemble, who visits Frei Church. ” Anne is freaking good ” ( sykt bra ).


Rybak is looking forward to a calm Christmas-tour. It is in strong contrast to the daily life, a few years ago. ” Back then, it was private planes here and there. Concerts in 2-3 countries in the same day. There was a lot of stress “, Rybak tells.  He has announced, that he has time for a limited amount of concerts, cause he is also taking a bachelor-degree at Barrat Due – Musical Institute. But the very last days before Christmas are sacred to Rybak. He never plays concerts then. ” Not even, if I was offered 200.000 Nok. We are a very small family. There is me, mum and dad.  So, no matter how busy we are or where we are in life, we always keep a few days before Christmas, for being just the 3 of us. “, says Rybak.

And Christmas must be celebrated at Nesodden. ” There will be no “Dubai-Christmas”. That, I have to decline. I don´t understand people, who want to escape from Christmas”, says Rybak.

He oftens spends it, a little ill on the couch at home, eating mandarines and such things, that belongs to Christmas.

TK: “A little ill “?

” Yes. It is some of the few days- off, I have and when I finally have time off, I have a tendency of becoming ill ”

Comforting “Nordmørings”

The concert at Frei Church, is not the first visit for Rybak in Kristiansund. Last winter, he played a piece, specially written for the Opera- Galla at Braatthallen. ( Pas de Deux ). Rybak praises, among other things, the great nature at Nordmøre. ” One of my best friends is from the area. And I believe, he is a good representative of the people at Nordmøre. He is confident and calm. Therefore, I am also confident, that it will be a good concert and a good meeting in Frei Church. It is nice, to feel so comfortable in the beginning of the tour, for it is not in all places, I feel equally comfortable “.

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