Katastrofe and Alexander Rybak – Video Release and interviews on Spotify and NRKSuper Skolefri


“This is very exciting. Ever since I performed with Scooter in Telenor Arena, I’ve dreamed of finding another artist who understands the importance of partying and the magic of The Fiddle. Katastrofe is one such artist, and I love to be a part of this song!!!!” Alexander Rybak  (6.12.2015)

Hear what Katastrofe says about Alexander’s collaboration on his new song 🙂  Interview with Alexander and Katastrofe on Spotify, below the videos 🙂 

                                        On Youtube                    On Vimeo (available in Germany)

                                 Alexander Rybak Katastrofe Typisk Norsk preview skolefri NRK              Alexander Rybak Katastrofe Typisk Norsk preview skolefri NRK

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Katastrofe – Typisk Norsk ft. Alexander Rybak on YouTube

Alexander Rybak Katastrofe Typisk Norsk

 On Vimeo avilable in Germany

Interview on Norsk på Spotify

Original article here, published 30.11.1025
English translation by Jorunn Ekre and Anni Jowett.

Petter “Katastrofe” Kristiansen is one of the country’s most streamed arsists in recent years with big hits like “Bleik og Sur” (Pale and Grumpy) 9 mill, “Maria” 9 mill and “Pattaya” 6 millions on the CV. Recently he released the song “Typisk Norsk” where he has got no other than Alexander Rybak, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the song “Fairytale” on violin, to join in.
We had a chat with Katastrofe and Alexander Rybak about the new song, plans for the future and a bit about Christmas.

Petter, congrats with the new catchy single “Typisk Norsk” where you have got no other than Alexander Rybak on violin. Can you tell us a bit about the process with the song and your collaboration with Alexander.
P: Thank you, Kriss and Smaaland ran the idea by me in the studio, and I immediately liked it. We went into the studio together, wrote and worked on the track. Then I think it was Kriss who said, – “This would be so cool with a proper violin. Should get Rybak to play.” Kriss called him and two or three days afterwards Rybak was in the studio and recorded the violin. Absolutely unbelievable! Digging Rybak!

Congratulations to you too Alexander. Violin play goes very well on this track. How has it been to record this song with Katastrofe?
A: Thanks, I like his style, or his lack of style if one may say so. He is 100% himself, and really has a flair for good party music and what the man in the street can identify with. I would actually compare the music with Knutsen & Ludvigsen, given that there are relevant and straightforward lyrics and melodies. When it comes Kriss, he is really pro. When he sent me the song. I said “Sorry but it should have been a tone higher, then the violin would sound good, but I’m happy to be on another project later.” 20 minutes later I get a new, updated demo with a new key, and then I said yes right away. As I said, the boy is pro!

Can you tell us about what the song is all about Petter and the choice of title?
P: It’s a true story. Because it is typically Norwegian to be good! We stand out in so many things. We feel good and we’re good! Everything from sports to music. Possibly it may take some time, but when we go into anything so regularly it becomes an in-store bank.

This is you in a new and different genre than we’ve heard from you before Alexander. Is this something we’ll hear more from you in the future?
A: Love it when people ask me to do a violin “feat”. Always! I have over 800,000 followers on Facebook, and those who follow me know I love every genre as long as it is represented well. Do not like to go on beaten paths. The music should be versatile, and as a trained classical violinist I have as a mission to enjoy myself with all styles of music that exist!

Petter, you’re one of Norway’s most streamed artists in recent years, and you have several hits behind you. How are you able to create one hit after the other, and what do you think of the new single- a new big hit?
P-I haven’t got a clue..! I’m nervous before every single release! What I think is part of the recipe behind a song that gets people in a good mood and that they want to listen to it again, is that the people behind it think the same way. If we laugh and have the best workday at the studio and that in the middle of all the hard work and all the hours that is spent on it, that’s a lot of fun. I think that is something that rubs off on the listener. One thing that I always try is to write songs that stick or phrases that will make people laugh. If it gets forced or if I just try to push out some chaos to be able to deliver a single on time, I don’t think that would’ve had the same effect! Impossible to answer, but I, of course, hope that it’s a song that will stay alive this winter!

Alexander, you have made your debut as an author earlier this autumn with the book “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” in addition to an album which is included with songs that you have composed for the story of the book. The response has been formidable with great reviews in amongst other Aftenposten and Dagbladet, and your book is a bestseller at Tanum book store. What do you think of that?

A: It’s very nice and in addition I’m happy to have so many great actors on the audio book that comes with it. Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Stig Werner Moe and Dennis Storhøi are just fantastic, and then I hope young Pernille who has one of the main roles also will have success after the audio books and songs.

What immediate plans do you have for your music?
P: I want to try, don’t get me wrong, a bit more serious and straight forward pop music. Not serious as in Pettern should have cred, but still. I want to keep the humour and the phrases that make people think “Did you really say that, in a song”? , but I feel I have been to enough charter vacation places in my songs now and that the “What the heck is this” rap style of mine has played its role. I also have several guest appearances soon on several singles of various artists I’m a fan of. Lots happening now!

A: Right now I’m in the middle of my 52 “Silent Night “ Christmas concerts which are a sell-out, and after the concerts I will sign my books for all the children. Apart from that I have big local projects in Russia, Turkey and Argentina next year, in addition to a jazz album that will be released in a year.

Do you have any musical idols (Norwegian/foreign)?
P: Lots! I think it’s difficult to rattle off names. I listen to everything from heavier hip-hop to extremely commercial pop to angry arena electronic music. It has always been the music itself and the songs that have concerned me the most. I’m the simple kind who may have listened to a song a 100 times and loved it and then being asked what it’s about and then I don’t have a clue. If in addition the lyrics are great it’s just awesome. Because I think that some of the things I like the most personally are writing lyrics. Robin Stjernberg with “You” was just like that. I heard it a thousand times and sang along on top my lungs in my partially bad Østfold English, and after the 999 time I thought it was OK to notice what he was on about too!

A: I’m a fan of Ravi, he’s an artist with words and is a very good entertainer. At the same time he has a fantastic taste in music (yes that does exist). I would love to play the fiddle on one of his songs, and I hope he gets in touch when he sees how awesome Katastrofe’s song has become!

What is the funniest/strangest thing you have experienced so far as artists?
P: There’s a lot. Definitely the world’s best job. Everything from fantastic fans who travel far and waits at airports, outside hotels etc. with gifts and stuff for me, to strange people who get to be backstage because they know the promoter and sit and eat my lasagne. So much hilariously fun stuff has happened the past two years so I can’t come up with a specific episode on top of my head.

A: I remember working simultaneously with demos for NRK (the celebration of our Constitution) and DreamWorks (How to Train your Dragon) .To be honest I didn’t think DreamWorks in Los Angeles would include the song in their project, while I thought NRK was certain. But on the contrary, NRK ditched me at the last minute and DreamWorks accepted me, and together we created the official international music video for “How to Train your Dragon”.

There’s lots of good Norwegian music nowadays, and what do you enjoy listening to?
P: There’s an extreme amount of good music now. Impossible to mention anyone. That list would’ve been long! Generally I’m fond of Norwegian pop music in general and mainly what I follow the most, and lots of good stuff is being released nowadays and has been released the past few years.

A: Almost too many big Norwegian artists are being launched worldwide now and I feel they consume each other’s attention. The year I won Eurovision it was only Donkeyboy that could be mentioned on an international scale of new artists. Those were the days…Apart from that I think Nico and Vince are ten times bigger than the rest of us. What those guys have achieved, it’s nothing less than fantastic!

Now it’s soon Christmas. How do you celebrate Christmas Eve and what’s on the menu?
P: Mom and Dad, my girlfriend and my dog are more than enough for a fantastic Christmas Eve. Then I can be social with the rest of my friends and acquaintances on the rest of the days between Christmas and New Year, during that time I’m overly sociable. Pork ribs, pork sausage (in patty form) and Christmas sausage!

A: Last year was the first time away from my parents, without Nesodden and without Christmas service and gifts. It was awful. I will NEVER let my job get in the way of Christmas ever, regardless how much I’m being offered.

Which Norwegian Christmas song is your absolute favourite, and why?
P: Unfortunately I’m not much of a Christmas boy and I don’t listen to Christmas music a lot! But here’s a fast top 3 list:
Staysman&Lass- “Look how happy Santa is ”
Morgan Sulele-“Under the Tree “
Marcus & Martinus- “All I want “

A: It has to be Alf Prøysen. Christmas music should be composed by people who know how to read notes and orchestration. In fact I can’t stand when people want to make Christmas music sound more modern, even if I had done something similar myself several years ago.

What is Christmas about/What does it mean to you?
P: What I like the most about Christmas is when there’s the least amount of people, only the nearest and dearest and that you don’t overdo it. I think that it can get too stressful and I’m not very Christmassy. Enormous spending, lots of people, long lines and it being sold out when I get to the check out and ask for what I need before they close on the day before Christmas Eve.

A: Tradition, love and belonging.

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