Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak

-I feel like Peer Gynt. Now I have my “Solveig” to come home to, tells Alexander Rybak, who also reveals that he has a trollish dream…

Source: paper issue of “Her og Nå”, published 15.5.18. Text: Tommy Halvorsen. Photo: Tomy Halvorsen, Lasse Eriksson and NTB Scanpix. English translation by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. 

 Once again Alexander Rybak charmed the TV viewers of Europe. Unlike last time he was part of the Eurovision circus, the charmer, who turned 32 the day after the final, managed to enjoy the experience more. 

– I have become older. More relaxed, but not onstage though, says Rybak to “Her og Nå” followed by his usual big grin. 

– I was better prepared for what awaited me, and therefore I could enjoy myself more while it lasted. 

A love story : This is fortunately not the story of Romeo and Juliette, but rather Rybak and Julie. – It’s nice to have someone to come home to, Rybak tells, with a tender voice.


It was extra nice to have someone to share the experience with this time. Julie Gaarud Holm, who Alexander has been together with for two years, came to Lisbon to support her boyfriend. 

Has she given you a bigger sense of calm in your life?
Alexander confirms it with a quick movement with his head.
– It’s nice to have an anchor in life. I feel like Peer Gynt. Now I have my “Solveig” to come home to, the artist tells.


Creative : Julie made the postcards that Alexander handed out in Lisbon. On the reverse side Alexander encouraged people to write down their talent and share it on Instagram.


The Eurovision hero Alexander Rybak about his private “fairytale”:
“Julie is the anchor in my life”

Since he turned Europe upside down with “Fairytale”, his humbleness has grown stronger for the sympathetic artist.

– In 2009 everything was about my ideas. I won the contest, but I may not have won many new friends. Now I listen more to other people around me, and often realise that others have better ideas than me. 

Popular – That’s how you take a selfie…
There were many who wanted a picture with the Eurovision circus biggest star.

As the years have passed the “yes” person Rybak has also learned to say “no”.
– Earlier I said “yes” to more than was good for me, didn’t dare to say “no” for the fear that people would think I was a bad person. One of the advantages of saying “no” more often, is that I get more energy for the things I choose to accept. Then the result becomes better, and it will be better for me, says Rybak the perfectionist. 

More secure: Alexander is no longer afraid of not being liked, and has learned to say “no”. -Earlier I didn’t dare to say “no” for fear of making people believe I was a bad person , says Norway’s Eurovision favourite.

Among the offers he has chosen to turn down was the offer of participating in an East European edition of “The Bachelor”.

-They raised the offer more and more, and in the end it was for 950.000 euros, Rybak said in the TV show “Lindmo” earlier this year. 

– I would’ve earned a lot of money fast, but afterwards I may have gained the same amount in debt, because no one would’ve taken me seriously. There is something about what you can live with afterwards. Plus I may have had less of a chance with my dear Julie. All in all I’m very satisfied with turning it down.

One of the few things Alexander chose to accept during his stay in Lisbon last week, where he was struggling with the flu and a sore throat, was a visit to the music school Metropolitana. The students performed “Fairytale” to Alexander’s great delight. 

Young talents: The flu and a sore throat before the final was the reason why a well shielded Alexander didn’t participate in many events outside of the stage. A visit to the music school Metropolitana was one of the few things he prioritised.

Children and young people are close to his heart and this year’s song “That’s How You Write a Song” is meant to inspire young people. 

– I want to show that it’s not that difficult. Everyone has a talent, even if it’s in different areas. It’s only about using your talent, Alexander says eagerly.

The 32 year old was a big musical talent already when he was a child, and he got to feel early on that he was different at school. 

– I wasn’t among the most popular students. On the contrary. I experienced being bullied, says Rybak honestly. 

One episode has etched itself extra well into his memory.

-I got a blue T-shirt from my Dad. I think he had bought it in a hip-hop store. I have no idea how he ended up there, says Alexander and laughs louder than the sound from his violin. 

– However it was a lot of shiny stuff and glitter, and it said “Cool as ice” on it. On my way to school the next day I felt like a king! I even think some of the girls looked my way. At least I imagined that, he says. But the feeling of being a king shouldn’t last for long. 

On his way home from school Alexander got caught up by some of the other boys from school.
-They pushed me a bit. Took the T-shirt and trampled it into the mud. “Why do you hate me? I asked. They answered: “We don’t hate you. We only hate your T-shirt.” 

Alexander’s own experiences from his childhood inspired him to write the children’s book “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” which was published in 2015. Now he dreams of a new and bigger fairy tale. 

– I have a dream about the story becoming a musical. That would be fantastic, Alexander ends. Knowing that dreams can often come true.

Super team: Alexander and his team of dancers and background vocalists were impressive onstage in Lisbon


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