Jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli – 1.7.20

A long awaited jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli.

A short report from the concert by someone who was present. Playlist and videos from the concert you’ll find below 🙂

Ever since I saw videos from the jazz concert these two brilliant musicians had in 2010, I have waited for a chance to see them live together. And suddenly the festival @Karpedammenscene, supported by Aftenposten, announced the concert, which due to the time of the day they called Jazz Brunch 🙂 And this time I couldn’t let the chance pass by, even if I had to drive for 18 hours in 1,5 day. And it was definitely worth it 🙂

The concert really met my expectations. The venue, the food (incl. in the ticket), the weather and of course the main thing, the artists, were brilliant.

The sound check was still going on when I arrived and luckily we were let inside to watch. It’s always interesting to see how the artists prepare for the concert, and Alexander also played “Visa Vid Vindens Änger”, which he didn’t perform at the concert. So that was an extra bonus. The Covid-19 distance rule was well taken care of with big round tables with white cloths, each table for 4-5 people. And the “Karpedammen” (the pond) took care of the distance to the artists 🙂

The concert started on time and lasted about 15-20 mins longer than announced. The audience didn’t mind the extra time and even wanted more 🙂
Felix started the show with 3-4 songs before he announced his good friend Alexander Rybak. And there is no doubt these two guys have a good chemistry. The small talk and jokes between the songs went smoothly and were funny, and they both were quite talkative. Alexander performed two songs together with Felix, then stepped back and let Felix rule the stage with his brilliant clarinet play for some more songs, before he came back for their last songs together and the extra numbers.

Alexander and Felix had several concerts together when they studied at Barratt Due. They have also both been ambassadors for Valdres Summer Symphony’s project “Playing for a Future”, and had a jazz concert there in 2008 and 2010 where the income was for the project.

2010 – 2020 – 10 years difference 🙂

Said by Alf Richard Kraggerud (organiser of the project) after the concert in 2010 :
“Something special happened here tonight. These two artists haven’t seen each other for a long time (since 2008) and still it felt like they haven’t been apart a single day musically. “

I’m pretty sure he would have said the same after this concert, 10 years later 🙂


After the concert some of us were sitting talking at the table enjoying the sunny weather and the cozy venue. Eventually we went outside and were saying goodbye to each other when we suddenly heard a familiar voice: “Hi ladies!” And there he was, Alexander the great jazz guy 🙂
Smiling and cheerful, telling us he was happy to be on stage again. He enthusiastically told that he was just on his way to work on his next music project somewhere in the Oslo area (can’t remember the name), which we will get the result of pretty soon if things go as planned. So more music to look forward to 🙂 And it was such a great extra bonus to just bump into him like that. Pure magic 🙂

♪♪♪ Alexander and Felix, two great buddies making magic on stage ♪♪♪ Photo by Karpedammenscene.


  • “Jealous” (Dick Finch / Jack Little / Tommie Malie)
  • Song From a Secret Garden” (Rolf Løvland)
  • Träden i Villa Borghese” (Mats Poulson/Alexander Rybak)
  • Tanta til Beate” (Lillebjørn Nilsen)
  • Summertime” (George Gershwin)
  • Jealous” – Short version
  • “Tanta til Beate” 2. time – Alexander plays the intro this time 🙂

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