Ya Sprosil u Yasenya (I Asked The Ash-tree)

Lyrics: W. Kirshon

Music: M. Tariverdiev

Тranscribed by Tanya Kuzmina

Ya sprosil u yasenya,
Gde moya lyubimaya,
Yasen ne otvetil mne,
Kachaya golovoi.

Ya sprosil u topolya:
“Gde moya lyubimaya?”
Topol zabrosal menya
Osenneyu listvoi.

Ya sprosil u oseni:
“Gde moya lyubimaya?”
Osen mne otvetila
Prolivnym dozhdem.

U dozhdya ya sprashival,
Gde moya lyubimaya,
Dolgo dozhdik slezy lil
Pod moim oknom.

Ya sprosil u mesyatsa:
“Gde moya lyubimaya?”
Mesyats skrylsya v oblake,
Ne otvetil mne.

Ya sprosil u oblaka:
“Gde moya lyubimaya?”
Oblako rastayalo
V nebesnoi sineve…

Drug ty moy edinstvennyy,
Gde moya lyubimaya?
Ty skazhi, gde skrylasya,
Znaesh’, gde ona?

Drug otvetil predannyi,
Drug otvetil iskrenniy,
Byla tebe lyubimaya,
Byla tebe lyubimaya,
Byla tebe lyubimaya,
A stala mne zhena.

Ya sprosil u yasenya
Ya sprosil u topolya
Ya sprosil u oseni

English translation

by Olina Novikova

I asked the Ash-tree: “Where is my beloved?”
The Ash-tree didn’t answer me, shaking its head
So I asked the Poplar: “Where is my beloved?”
The Poplar only covered me with its autumn leaves

So I asked the autumn: “Where is my beloved?”
Autumn only answered me with the pouring rain
So I ask the rain: “Where is my beloved”?
For a long rain has been pouring its tears outside my window.

So I asked the crescent moon: “Where is my beloved?”
The crescent moon hid underneath a cloud, didn’t answer me
So I asked the cloud: “Where is my beloved?”
But the cloud only melted in the blue skies

My only friend I’m asking you, where is my beloved?
Tell me where she’s hiding; do you know where she is?
My loyal friend answered me, so honestly he answered me-
She was your beloved, once was your beloved
She was your beloved, but became my wife.

6 thoughts on “Ya Sprosil u Yasenya (I Asked The Ash-tree)”

  1. The song as well as the singer is so sweet. I agree this is a sad song but we sometimes need sad moments to comfort our soul, to make us feel we are human. I like Russian songs so much. I always feel good with many of the Russian songs I have.

  2. I need lyric of this song in Russian, is there anybody can help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. @Nguen, we have Russian mirror of this site:) every post is made both in English and Russian here. Look in the upper right corner of the page and see language bar. You can switch languages by clicking on it and choosing English or Russian.

  3. ohhh yes =((( ıt s really sad song .. and ı agree wıth Sabine ‘ why ıs he doıng thıs to himself???? ‘

  4. Тоже очень хорошая песня. Саша ,Вы её красиво поёте!

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