Ya ne veruy v chudesa (I Don’t Believe In Miracles)/Superhero

Lyrics and music by Arkadij Ukupnik

Transliteration by Zhenya Russian

Chernoĭ molniyeĭ ya stanu dlya tebya,
Chernoĭ molniyeĭ na linii dozhdya.
I puskaĭ goryat listki kalendarya,
Zlo ne smozhet bolʹshe obmanutʹ menya.

YA ne veryu v chudesa,
No letit mashina v nebesa,
I teperʹ ya tvoĭ super-geroĭ.

Belym snegom upadu v ladonʹ tvoyu,
I uznaeshʹ ty, kak ya tebya lyublyu.
I pod nebom yanvarya ozhivut lishʹ dlya tebya
Vse tsvety Zemli, vse slova lyubvi, chto znayu ya.


English translation

by Olina Novikova

“I don’t believe in miracles”

I’ll become a black lightning for you,
Black lightning on the edge of the rain.
And let the sheets of the calendar burn away,
The evil won’t be able to fool me again.

I don’t believe in miracles
But the car is flying up into the sky
And now I’m your super-hero.

Like white snow I’ll fall down to your palm,
And you will know how (much) I love you.
And under sky of January all the flowers of the Earth,
All the words of love that I know will revive just for you.


5 thoughts on “Ya ne veruy v chudesa (I Don’t Believe In Miracles)/Superhero”

  1. I understand Russian, fortunately, is quite similar to my native language; anywho, the song is beautiful, and somehow forces you to start to believe in miracles, though perhaps you didn’t, video is great, and the movie… Btw, just today I watched the clip from one of the concerts where he played “Pump it”>>as I recall it was saying<<, only thing I have to say in general is this: is there anything that man wouldn't play! But when I heard Kupalinka …. 🙂 My heart was beeting so hard! 😛 My mother loved that song and she always sang it to me when I was a little girl ^_^
    Ok, enough, since here is the "miracles" place only- good job, Alexander!
    He is young, beautiful, already has a glorious career, and since I'm not into looking for information that doesn't concern me, I'll just say that he made 3 out of 4 fields that makes life complete. Thumbs up! 😉

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