Interview with Alexander Rybak in Russian web magazine “Life in Alanya”

Article published at Russian website (Life in Alanya) on 30.04.2013

Found and translated by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak in Alanya

Alexander Rybak, who became popular in the whole world after winning the “Eurovision Song Contest” with the song “Fairytale”, released his single ‘Leave Me Alone’ in October 2012. The singer with Russian origins from Norway has had several concerts and also answered questions from reporters in Alanya in April 2013.

– You became popular after winning the “Eurovision Song Contest”. Because of this contest specifically, the whole world learned about you, including us. Tell us a little about this victory.

A. Rybak: First I had to go through three semi-finals and the grand final during the national selection. I am very happy that I became the best in my country and that I was honored with participating in Eurovision. In my opinion, the contest is quite fair, though the rivalry is high.

– You have gained immense popularity after Eurovision. What’s the most enjoyable thing about the popularity? What do you feel when people recognize you on the streets?

A. Rybak: Actually I write more classical music. But the world perceived me as a pop musician. I understood the main thing: if a person behaves honestly, then the surrounding people respect and support him. I love to visit new places, to meet new people, to present myself and my music. I’m not a musician who releases a new single every three months

– You have performed in many countries around Europe and the world, you have seen different cities. Are there places that trigger the desire to come again?

A. Rybak: Of course, it’s Alanya! The atmosphere here is very close to me, spiritually. Everyone is very respectful of each other, they welcome with genuine warmth and love. People listen to their interlocutor more than they speak themselves. Here I feel something that I have never experienced at other concerts. I am delighted with my new feelings. So, of course, I would like to come here again!

– When people hear the song “Fairytale”, they surely feel that you put your soul into it. On the basis of which experiences was this composition born, someone broke your heart?

A. Rybak: I felt a sense of loneliness during writing this song. You can understand my feelings: nostalgia and melancholy.

– And what about love?

A. Rybak: I spend a lot of time working. But in spite of everything, I love life and I know how to be happy. Love permeates everything I do. Nothing is created without love! But I probably don’t have time to fall in love with someone now.

– This is your second visit to Alanya. Don’t you have the desire to stay and live here? Or which city, which country would you like to stay?

A.Rybak: America fits me very well. And I like Alanya. I loved the people here, the nature, the local cuisine. When I get home, I will advise my friends to visit Alanya.

– Would you like to buy an apartment here, for rest?

A. Rybak: Why not? I started to think about it. Rest assured, this is not my last visit to Alanya.

– Do you use social networks in your life? How actively?

A. Rybak: I have a page on Facebook, which is read by about 600,000 people. Of these, 140,000 fans are from Turkey. Also, all my songs are published on YouTube. The content of my pages are constantly updated.

– In that case, what do you think when your music is downloaded from the net?

A. Rybak: I like to share my music. Music should be shared! Of course, it should be done with legitimate ways only. I earn enough by my concerts, so all my fans can freely download and share my songs on the Internet.

– Do you know Turkish famous people?

A. Rybak: Of course, Ataturk! I know how much he did for Turkey. Also, I know the participant of Eurovision, Hadise. If she does not mind, I would like to sing a duet with her.

– What else can you add?

A. Rybak: Thank you from the heart for the organization of the concerts!

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