Interview with Alexander Rybak in Jersey City Independant (USA) 21.03.2013

Author: Summer Dawn Hortillosa

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Article provided by Jarl Haugedal, JB Talent and Model Management


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Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak Performs at NYC-JC Suites


International star Alexander Rybak, winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2009, performed at NYC-JC Suites last month in what was his first visit to Jersey City.

Rybak, who is working with local company JB Talent Management (a sister company of NYC-JC Suites), performed several songs at an exclusive concert on Feb. 25.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter and violinist–best known for his song “Fairytale,” which won him the international songwriting contest–spoke with JCI about his career since being thrust into international stardom, performing in America (more specifically, in JC), and his future plans.

JCI: Hi, Alexander. You’ve composed works both for the mainstream pop market and for various songwriting competitions. Is it the same doing both? What is your process like?

Alexander Rybak: What I love most is to be alone with my music and work with it for many months. I also practice every new melody until I have every note of the performance in my blood, then I proudly show it to my audience.

JCI: What influences and inspires you?

AR: I guess there’s no general rule of what touches my heart and not. Sometimes I just get very moved by a movie or a song, and later on my body wants to create. However, what impresses me the most is when I hear perfect, well-studied harmony combined with heart-felt melodies.

JCI: What did it feel like winning the Eurovision contest?

AR: I was very scared of the fact that I started my pop career with such a great peak. However, I was mostly happy over a new start.

JCI: In the years since then, what other directions have you been exploring musically?

AR: That’s pretty much all I do! I explore–life is too short and life is too vast. Every emotion has its favorite music genre, and I have a lot of emotions. I leave no stone unturned.

JCI: Are you hoping to perform more in America?

AR: Yes. Working with JB Talent Management is part of that exploration–I want to expand my work into the US market and the team at JB Talent Management are the perfect partners for this adventure.

JCI: How so?

AR: The owners of JB Talent Management–Jarl Haugedal and Michael Billy–invited me to stay at their hotel NYC-JC guest suites. The view of Manhattan was amazing! Jarl and Michael also were kind enough to put together an intimate concert for my fans in one of NYC-JC’s corner suites overlooking the New York City skyline. Jarl is also Norwegian, so it was nice to have someone from home to work with in the big city.

JCI: Was this your first time in Jersey City? What did you think?

AR: I loved it! In Jersey City I could explore America and still feel at home. You see, in Norway, I live on an island 30 minutes by boat from Oslo. That’s exactly how Jersey City is–quiet and peaceful, yet only a stone throw away from all the fun!

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