Interview with Alexander Rybak in Estonian online magazine 19.01.13

Artycle by Liina Ristoja

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Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Alexander Rybak: In Russia I sing in Russian, so they think, I live there!

Alexander Rybak will perform tonight in the club „Teater“ and he pleased the readers of “Public” with a personal interview. Rybak talked about his creation and music making generally and revealed surprisingly, that he is doing more classical than pop music.

“I feel important on the stage, because only I can play that music like that”,- he tells. “I still love ‘Fairytale’ which opened my international career, but during 4-5 months I write only one pop song for my fans and the rest of my time I spend on creating classical music and performing it.”

“Leave Me Alone” is Rybak’s newest song, which he dedicated to the girl, who has been calling him constantly every day the last 3 years. “She also terrorizes my parents and friends. It’s unfair, I hate it”,- the young man said, but hopes, the fan will finally leave him alone.

“Everything needs to be in small doses. It doesn’t bother me if fans sometimes come to my home, bring presents, stuffed animals or something like that. But this is way over line, what that girl is doing,” he means. One more thing, that amuses him by fans, belongs to the category “only in Russia”. Yes, of course I sing to them in Russian, but it’s strange, that they wonder, why I do it only twice a year, because I live there though. No, I don’t live there!”- laughs Rybak.

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