Interview with Alexander Rybak from the photo session with girls from his Belarusian group “Milki”

Rybak’s “girls” arranged a white-red-white photo session.

“Belteleradiokompania” has stopped accepting applications on November 21 from the participants in the Eurovision 2015 national selection. 

We will find out at the beginning of December who will make it to the finals. For now, musicians have been furtively sending packages with documents and recorded songs to the organizing committee. Alexander Rybak openly plans to conquer not just Belarusians but all of Europe. attended the music group photo session, and found out from the Eurovision 2009 winner what the song will be about and how they plan to surprise the jury and the audience.


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Author: Katerina Kuzmich. Photos: Maxim Malinovsky.

Translation: Marina Rolbin. 

– I asked my fans to give me online suggestions for the group name. In one day, I received 4,000 ‘likes’ and more than 300 suggestions. I suggested calling them “Milashki (cute ones)”, but there are other options, like “Milki (sweet ones)”, “Arnament (ornament)”, “Vasilki (cornflowers)”, “Raduga (rainbow)”, “Chistushki”, from the word “clean”, “Zorachki (sharp-eyed)”, Wild Flowers, “Motilki (moths)”, although we’ve already had butterflies – says Alexander Rybak. The funniest, most original name is – “BelRyba (white fish)” [he laughs].

-When did you write the song for the national selection?

– I was really charmed by the performance of Buranovskiye Babushki during Eurovision, and after that I got the idea to do something with Belarusian traditions. So then I was inspired and started thinking. I wrote the song in Vitebsk during this year’s Slavyanskiy Bazaar. I would like to add that I have no desire to participate in Eurovision again, but I would very much like to show modern Belarus through this song. I will lead the group not through my name but through the girls’ talent. I have the means to write a good song but they will be the ones onstage, not me.


-So how will it all look? What will you surprise us with?

-The catch is in the song itself, not in other random things. There will be dancing, of course, containing national traditions. The music will have folk influence; the girls will sing folk verses in English and they won’t hide that they have a Slavic accent. We’re pointing out that we don’t want to be too modern in order to shock the audience. We are going to show the Belarusian soul as it really is.

-So what’s the song about?

-The girls are singing to their guys that they will always love them, will stay true to them, but their Slavic accent will always remain with them. This song has this message: I will not forget my roots.


Even if the group will not travel to represent Belarus in Vienna for Eurovision 2015, Alexander Rybak will continue his collaboration with the girls.

For the group photo session, they picked outfits from Inna Inglod, a young fashion designer. She will show this same collection today during Belarusian fashion week, in the finals of “New Names”- the young designer competition.

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