Interview with Alexander Rybak at the “ZD Awards 2011”. MK, 27.01.2012

Picture by Ekaterina Kosheleva

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Article from Internet issue of Russian paper “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” (MK). Author: Artur Gasparyan

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva. Translated by Julia B. Revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak: “Sound Track Awards” for me is an exotic musical attraction”


The results of the annual award “Sound Track”

Ceremony “ZD Awards 2011”, one of the musical highlights of the season, was held on January 27 at the concert hall of the hotel “Cosmos” in a festive, solemn and joyful atmosphere, as it has been a custom for many years.  The Award, established by the “MK” and the oldest Russian musical edition “Sound track”, has found not only new and current heroes, but was also handed to a whole galaxy of “living legends”, who left the noticeable heritage in ZD charts during the 35 years of it’s existence: the band “Veselye Rebyata” (Jolly Fellows) and their director, Professor Pavel Slobodkin; the band “Diskoteka Avaria”, Masha Rasputina, Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Vyacheslav Tikhanovich, the band “Zemlyane”, Boris Moiseev, Lolita.

The ceremony of “ZD Awards 2011″ was also visited by a welcome guest, Alexander Rybak, a famous Belarusian-Norwegian, hero of Moscow’s «Eurovision-2009”. Especially for such a solemn occasion he was involved in the special musical number in collaboration with the legendary ballet “Todes” by Alla Dukhova, which was awarded with the special prize of “ZD Awards”, to mark the 25th anniversary of this brilliant creative team. It was supposed that Rybak would encourage future participants of “Eurovision-2012”, but in his native Belarus they have postponed the final of qualifying round for 10 days , and we (Russia’s qualification) have not even started it yet. So unfortunately, we didn’t manage to combine it. So both the heros of “Eurovision” – Bilan and Rybak – have “sweated” on”ZD Awards” only for themselves. And Sasha has shared his latest news with us the day before the ceremony.

– You arrived from Baku, which hosted the draw for the semifinals of the future “Eurovision”. How are you?

– The mood is excellent, but to be honest, I’m a little bit tired. I did not expect that my trip will last for so long. Actually, I left home (Norway) for three days, but it’s already three weeks and I haven’t been back. First, I was in Denmark  for their national qualifying round, then I had to go to Sweden and Romania, then to Azerbaijan, and during that trip I was invited to your “ZD Awards”, and I certainly couldn’t refuse it … So it took longer then planned.

– Do you regret?

– No, of course, it’s always very interesting for me to come to Moscow, to which I, as you know,  have special memories. And it’s very cool to participate in such event as the “ZD Awards” ceremony, because all the stars and winners of the year are gathered there, and I’m not a stranger here. And my new Russian single “Strela Amura” (Cupid’s Arrow) is coming out soon, and then also the album. So I’m very happy, despite the fatigue.

– What was interesting in Baku?

– I liked the city, I was even shocked, I did not expect such a beauty there,  and they have a very positive atmosphere. So now I’m thinking how to manage to come back there for all the “Eurovision” time, but not just for three short days, as it was supposed. I liked to be there very much.

– Have you seen the hall, where  everything will be held?

– No, the complex itself, where the “Eurovision” will take place, is still under the construction, but the procedure of Semi-finals drawing took place at the concert hall “Buta Palace”, and it was all arranged absolutely luxurious – the stage, the hall for the delegations of all countries, this year they are 43. Norway, by the way, will perform at the second semifinal, on May 24th, and Russia – at the first semifinal, on May 22th. Also there was a small concert with the winners of previous years – Ruslana, me, Lena from Germany and, of course, Nikki and Eldar from Azerbaijan.

– And this evening at the “ZD Awards” will be one more of them, Dima Bilan …

– I’ll be glad to see him! There are the rumours he  is going to participate “Eurovision” again. Is that true?

– No one knows. The directions of  Bilan are unpredictable!

– Ha-ha-ha! I hope he will whisper me something in confidence …


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