Interview with Alexander Rybak at the “Eurofest”, Minsk. 14.02.2012

Article found by Sonya Luzina. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

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Rybak: “You Belarusians have such a tradition to sing in poor English”

The winner of Eurovision Song Contest shares his opinion regarding Lanskaya and her resource,  discuss “his” and “our” Belarus and talks about his new songs’ in Belorussian language.

Author: EuroRadio 02/15/2012 12:26
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The star of “Eurovision” Alexander Rybak arrived to Minsk to perform at the “Eurofest” and to see his grandmother. However this time the singer did not managed to visit his grandmother at home. Zinaida Yegorovna met his grandson at his dressing room.

Alexander Rybak: “Well, to meet my grandmother, as always! (laughs) And now I have a new song in Belarusian… And I’m very very glad that the audience accepted it so well. Because Russian language… to be honest I don’t feel I sing well in Russian. It’s good for my career here to sing in Belarusian! I like the song, very lyrical text”.

We are talking about the song “Nebaskhіl Eўropy” (“Europe Skies” in Belorussian), which was translated into Belarusian by the poet Gleb Lobodenko. It happened due to the project “Tuzіn. Perazagruzka-2”, which was held by the portal “Tuzіn gіtoў” together with the culture company “Budzma belarusamі” (Let’s be Belorussians).

With grandmother Zinaida Yegorovna

Did the jury listen to the opinion of the “Eurovision” winner during taking a decision on the “Eurofest”?
Alexander Rybak: “I hope no one listened to my opinion. Because I did not listen to the artists and spoke too much”.

Being asked which of the contestants he likes, first of all Alexander refers to the group “Lightsound.”
Alexander Rybak: “I listened a little … For example I liked Lightsound very much. I just listened to them 10 seconds and immediately felt this is a great song!”

However Rybak admits he likes Alena Lanskaya as well, especially … from behind!
Alexander Rybak: “Yes, I really like Alena. I saw her performance on YouTube. And now I saw her from behind the stage . From behind she is really beautiful as well (laughs).”

However speaking seriously the artist says Lanskaya was actually stronger than the others.
Alexander Rybak: “Stronger – yes. But it’s not necessarily that this is the best tune. Nobody knows it. I think both the melody is good and she was the strongest singer.”

However Rybak notices that Lanskaya’s pronunciation leaves much to be desired: “You Belorussians have such a tradition …”

When EuroRadio mentions letters of the Vitebsk officials appealing to vote for Lanskaya Alexander is not surprised.
Alexander Rybak: “It can happen in Norway and it can happen everywhere else. This is the world – he who has money can promote his artists. But if there was a song which was 10 million times better than Alena’s one then that song would just have won for sure. And here it turned out that in addition to a good song she also has a good team. “

 Gleb Lobodenko translated a song for Rybak

As EuroRadio found out a presentation of the video for Belarusian version of “Europe Skies” will take place soon – in Minsk he signed an appropriate agreement on the use of the song with the poet Gleb Lobodenko . And the video was shot by the singer in Ukraine with his own money.

Alexander Rybak: “I have a plan to release CD in Belarus. And it would be good if beside this song it contained the other songs in Belarusian.”

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