Interview with Alexander Rybak and Arad Aria about their musical collaboration

“My style” of music doesn’t exist – 
Alexander Rybak

Source: An Iranian paper. Director: Arash Sharifzadeh. Translated by Bita J. 

Alexander Igoryevich Rybak is a Norwegian composer and singer who represented Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, and won first place with his song “Fairytale” with a record breaking number of points. His debut album “Fairytales” attracted a lot of positive attention, and charted in the top best-selling music lists in nine countries.He also represented Norway in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, and recently collaborated with the Iranian singer Arad Aria, producing their single called “After You”. The cooperation of a foreign artist with an Iranian has always been regarded a positive experience. We conducted an interview with Alexander Rybak and Arad Aria regarding their collaboration.

Interview with Arad Aria:

Alexander Rybak achieved international fame after his album “Fairytales”, but his music is inspired by Scottish music. What made you think that a collaboration with such a musician could be possible?

Alexander Rybak is not bound by any particular genre of music, only in some of his music is his violin played in a Scottish style. In my opinion, his goal is to create good music, in any way that’s possible. I think he is the most talented winner of Eurovision, and I love his music.

You’ve mentioned that you will continue to collaborate together. What path do you think your next project together will take?

Working with Alexander was a pleasure and now we are good friends. We have plans for collaborating together which we will announce in the future.

Are you planning for your next project with Rybak to explore the genre of rock music?

It’s possible that you will hear elements of rock present.

In your collaboration together, did Alexander Rybak take part only as a performer, or did he help compose the music?

If licensing weren’t an issue, we would sing together, but yes, it’s likely that I will be singing for a song that he has composed.

Even though your music is mainly pop, it seems that you stray away from various elements to capture the audience’s attention. What vision do you have for your position in the Iranian music space?

I always do what my heart wants. Sometimes I do what the majority of people would like, and sometimes what probably only a minority would. In my resume, there have been times where my music has been top-tier. Whether it be winning as a rocker or being the top on television. No matter what the preference of the audience is, my music has an essence that can become international.

Interview with Rybak

Mr. Rybak, it seems like your style of music is different from Arad Aria’s. What made you consider to collaborate with him?

Rybak: I don’t think there’s such thing as “my style” of music. What does exist is “my instrument”, and the violin is an instrument that I love to play, and that can go along with any style of music. Therefore I felt good about Arad Aria’s singing.

Will your collaboration with Arad Aria continue?  What path do you think your next project together will take?

We’ve talked about this before, that the spirits of our music goes well together. There is no rush, but if we come up with a new idea, we will do it.

What is your opinion about Arad’s Aria’s singing and music?

I have the opinion that Arad Aria is the Eastern version of me. At least, I can truly, according to Norwegians, understand the “melody of his soul”. Arad doesn’t use music as a way to promote himself. Rather, he uses himself to promote his music.

In general, where do you see this collaboration project within the space of Iranian music?

My dream is to be invited to Iran, and to perform “After You” alongside  Arad Aria, as well as my other songs.

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