Interview with Alexander Rybak about Kiev 18.06.2014.

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Author: Evgeniy Korovay

Translation by Julia B. Revision by Anni Jowett.


We had a guest on our balcony – the winner of “Eurovision”, Alexander Rybak.

We were visited today by Alexander Rybak, the winner of “Eurovision – 2009”. Sasha is not a rare visitor in the capital of Ukraine, but we met for the first time. Vgorode took the opportunity to ask some questions. In particular we asked about Alexander’s favourite places in Kiev and about Maidan. The musician told us that he loves Kiev for the fact that, despite its status of metropolis, it is still a colourful and green city, it is not dusty like many other cities.

But Alexander has never heard about Maidan (the short name of Independence Square in city centre, that also became the name of the protests which started in Ukraine in November 2013) and was quite confused:

– Was I at the Maidan? No, what is it? Kind of statue? I will have a look for sure.

Recording, translation and subs by Julia B. Revision by Anni Jowett.

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