Article with Alexander and Bettan in Her og Nå 21.5.13

Source: Paper issue of Her og Nå

Bettan invited Alexander Rybak and Christine Koth yo her cottage.

Source: Paper issue of Her og Nå, published 21st of May 2013

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Bettan dishes out summer food.

There are no sour herring here. Christine Koht and Alexander Rybak didn’t even hesitate when Elisabeth Andreassen invited them to a real Swedish herring table.

Photo text:
Famous company-
The atmosphere is good when Bettan serves a delicious herring table. Christine Koht is a teetotaler and toasts with water, while Alexander Rybak is a gentleman, making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Inset of Bettan:
-I grew up with this, says Elisabeth, and invites us to a Swedish herring table at the Oslofjord.

   The summer herring table is a tradition to Elisabeth Andreassen. The popular artist grew up with herring tables during vacations in the Swedish archipelago, and she loves inviting good friends to socialize.

-It`s very tasty and easy to make. I often use rye crisp instead of bread, and I make sure there are various tastes so that everyone will find something they like, says Elisabeth, whose personal favorite is sour cream herring.

   This summer she repeats the successful show with Alexander Rybak (27) and Didrik Solli-Tangen (25) at Klubben in Tønsberg, and because of that it’s natural to invite Alexander to a herring table so that they can practice, too.

-In addition to Elisabeth being a fantastic artist, we have lots of fun together. This is definitely this summer’s highlight, Alexander says smiling.

   The coveted star is a bachelor, but is well known for having lots of female admirers.  Elisabeth jokes that it’s a good thing he is single.

-Then more girls will attend our concerts, she says, smiling about the shows which are directed by the veteran Tom Sterri (52).

Inset of Bettan and Alex-
Yummy- Bettan thinks basil makes the strawberries taste even better, and Alexander helps her add the leaves.

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