Interview to Ukrainian Internet Radio MyRadio.UA. Oslo, May 2010

This is a very new and very interesting interview by very young, but very talented Ukrainian  journalist from MyRadio.UA Vladimir Biriukov (the left one on the picture). Many thanks to Vladimir for posting the link on Official FB page of Alexander! Welcome to Planet Rybak, Vladimir!;))

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Alexander Rybak: No joking with love

Translation by Zhanna Sergeeva

We met Alexander in Oslo on the embankment which the windows of his newly acquired apartment overlook! The singer spoke about his new projects in which he will be involved this year, about the “Eurovision” and naturally about the relationship with the girls.

After the winning the ESC the life of 24-year-old norwegian singer Alexander Rybak has changed abruptly. A year ago the whole of Europe discovered the young violinist who was easily able to win the heart of European spectator because of his simplicity and naivete! Today the singer is a direct proof that you have to pay for the popularity but unfortunately everyone has his own payment! Not once loud “strange things” appeared in the press in the direction of Rybak accusing him in many human sins …

One of those latest things is that late May Alexander joking or seriously blurted out that he likes the boys more and now his heart is closed for the girls forever! This message appeared on the singer’s personal page on one of the social networking sites. This rumor was instantly inflated across the globe. Interestingly if there were those who actually saw this entry? If you enter the network and write the name of the artist you will find at least 50 fake-clones and all of them will be Alexanders Rybaks. I looked and, believe me, everyone of them posts so many messages there – you will be engrossed in reading! It is strange, because even ardent female fans of the performer accepted this news believing that Rybak is gay! But Alexander just won on this PR-ploy or just amateur gossip because the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Oslo and Sasha realized that he need to pass the baton to another winner. As they say: “a year passed in the glory rays, that’s all, let another one try it!” Naturally everybody started talking about Rybak again, everybody wanted to know how much the reality matchs this rumor? A clock surveillance for Alexander started and interest in the artist get higher than during his victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow …

After the unpleasant for the female fans news another loud statement has followed : “Alexander Rybak and Lena Mayer are preparing a wedding this summer!”. Many fans across Europe embraced the news negatively . At various sites of Rybak they wrote: “Should you like boys better!”, “Lena is not match for you!” and these are only the most mild forms of those comments … In order to understand all the above gossips we met Alexander in Oslo on the embankment which the windows of his newly acquired apartment overlook! Alexander spoke about his new projects in which he will be involved this year, about the “Eurovision” and naturally about the relationship with the girls.

Rybak was very glad that he brought his style in the competition on the Eurovision : ballads and fiddle became an integral part of each second participant. During this interview Alexander opened few of his secrets and proved that he is not famous but he is popular and as it turns out this is a big difference! During our conversation the fans constantly approached to him and everybody wanted to be photographed with him, we had to terminate the interview and wait when the luckies let him go. For a very long time another passion was able to detach Rybak from the interview again . Sasha had a long talk to her, played, sang songs, and she answered him the same! It is a pity that the age difference between them was very very big, about 20 years as a minimum. The little girl who was walking with her parents on the embankment Akerbrygge recognized his idol and did not want to come back to her parents. And Alexander himself was not against to dandle the child. After return to our subject Rybak confessed that he wants to become a father! Finally the norwegian singer conveyed greetings to all ukrainian girls and promised that very soon he will arrive to Ukraine with new concert program, because in Kiev he has a very good team …

Journalist: The victory at the Eurovision Song Contest “opens new possibilities, new perspectives. Tell me, are you disappointed in something during this year of “new discoveries”? Do you have any negative memories?

Alex: Eurovision Song Contest really opens a lot of new possibilities for an artist! But they all have a lot of negative and unpleasant moments. I am very upset by the fact that some gossip and stories about me come up all the time. I even waited for the day when they stop, but no! More and more new rumors are born , and I do not need to tell you what rumors, you already know them! Just wondering, where do people get so much fancy? I understand that they get a lot of money for it, but at the same time they offend others hard. But we are strong (laughs). And believe me, this year I’ve had much more enjoyable moments than the negative ones… I have found many fans who support me when I feel bad and who share my joy when I feel good.

J: How the contest affect your personal and professional life?

A: My life has changed completely! I never thought that my story in the song «Fairytale» can conquer the hearts of listeners. Previously I enjoyed the work done, now it is a work on the scheme: come, performed, left. And only at that moment when I play the violin and write new songs I remember those days when I wanted to become popular and feared that nobody will like this song. Earlier I used to be afraid to contact people, communicate with them, but now everything is different!

J: Don’t you regret that you won Eurovision in Moscow? Does so much attention flatter You?

A: Oh God! Of course, it flatters me! If I did not want attention I could write a song and give it to another artist. But so I come to the scene by myself and have no regrets. I’m really pleased with this!

J: There is such a mith among journalists that the Eurovision Song Contest brings the curse! The artist who won the contest after a year of his popularity goes into the shadow …

A: Well you just think does some other artist have such popularity as the participants of this contest? I think that in Europe no! Naturally after the victory there is a great excitement around the performer, but eventually all the boom subsides after a year and journalists will talk about this myth, karma and curses. For example, the most famous violinist in the world is Anne-Sophie Mutter, nobody writes about her , but she is still the most famous violinist! The fact that now I am on the covers of different magazines in Norway not every day but every second day, it does not mean that my popularity has diminished and I’m forgoten …

J: Okay, what about “Eurovision” in Oslo, do you have any comments?!

A: I can say that in Norway there is no boom around the contest. Well, they hung a couple of posters in the city and decided that it’s done! I just remember that in Moscow when we arrived everybody knew our faces, it was impossible to pass on the street. Here everything is different, the contestants went around and only journalists recognized them, that’s all! Even I do not know them all in person. Eurovision Song Contest in Norway has passed and that’s all, forgotten. Here, in Norway, people just have a different mentality.

J: What kind of impression our singer Alyosha has made on you?

A: Unfortunately, we did not communicate before the contest, and I have heard her song on one of her performance. Very strong voice! She made great impression on me by her vocal! But, it’s a pitty that we have not met before. All I knew before the contest there were scandalous stories. About your re-selection of participants to the contest . I heard about it back in March!

J: Sasha, what happened to your hand? Rumors are different again!

A: Yes, I already understood! I’m just very angry sometimes, it is peculiar to all people. I’m angry at people, but never joined in fighting with them . So, I let the anger go down when I beat somewhere! This time a wall was near hand, and very badly (laughs)

J: And who managed to make you angry? Journalists?

A: Well no! Not you! I hate it when people are not professional in their field. In Norway there is a lot of them. Everybody walk, smile. Make a navel of Earth of themselves, but when it comes to work they put the hands down. Some employees do not even know how to turn on the microphone or how to turn on music on the disc – they don’t know how but they smile. That’s what we have in Norway – such joyful people (laughs).

J: I know that you are friend of a participant from Norway for Eurovision-2010. Why he failed to win the competition? What qualities of leader he did not have enough?

A: Norway has not won this year’s competition, it is not a trouble, the country doesn’t need it for a while! Didrik differs from me very much, and I think that’s good. He is a professional, he practices vocal a lot and he is not afraid to call himself the best performer in Norway. For example, I could not, and I can not say that I’m the best. I write songs, I sing, I have my audience – and it suits me in full. I’m rooting for Germany and Norway, in fact like you, probably …

J: Yes, our opinions about favorites matched! But Sasha, what a three-year affair with the winner Lena do you have?

A: Oh no! And you too! We only worked with her and I can call her a big dreamer. She is only 19 years old now, and three years ago she was a teenager at all. What nonsense the journalists are fanning again? Moreover, at that time, I had completly different relationship with the girl, because of whom the song «Fairytale» came up , there is no mention about Lena in it!

J: It’s Lena who inflates this more, not journalists! They say that you have a wedding this summer ?

A: Well that’s all, they have writen me in the list of grooms! It is strange of course but now my heart is occupied but not by Lena, and how will I now explain to her at our wedding that I love another girl? I think she will not survive (laughs)

J: Sasha, this summer you have released a new disc. How did preparing pass?

A: I am very glad that I has not yet moved into that phase when the artist produces albums. Just to be considered! So I released the album, look at me! In the new disc I include many stories that I want to share with the audience. I understand now that many young people follow me, look up at me and I am very pleased. That’s why I decided to include a few kinds of music in one album. All is performed in different styles, it came out funny!

J: Is it fully the author’s work. Or you were helped by professional composers?

A: There will be 2 cover-songs in the new album: Beach Boys and german trance. All the other songs are my job!

J: In winter in Ukraine and Russia there was a big boom around movie “Black Lightning”, you performed soundtrack to the movie. Tell me, will you be involved in other projects in Russia this year?

A: I was very pleased to participate in this project. Who would think that Arkady Ukupnik wrote a song for me. For me it was an honor! I really enjoyed it, until the last moment I could not believe my eyes that I will play in a Russian film. I love to tell stories, and I do not care whether if it is my stories or someone else’s. If I believe in this story I tell it! And I am pleased when I’m invited to the movies, musicals, music videos, performances.

J: Have such proposals been done already?

A: A lot of … (sly smile)

J: Obviously, you do not want to tell. Is this a big secret?

A: So far this is a big secret, and for me too (laughs)

And a pleasant bonus for us from MyRadio and Vladidmir! The video with English subs made by themselves!;)))) Enjoy!

Filmed by Vitaliy Dekhtyarev

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