Alexander’s interview to Tidens Krav newspaper, 9.2.11

Found and translated by Tessa La.

From dancing to romantic composition.

With empathy Alexander Rybak explained how his self-composed classical piece has to be played. Monday evening he was in Kristiansund to rehearse with the musicians of the opera ballet.

“I want to go back to the classic part of my life. Now I hope people are coming to listen to the play”, says Alexander Rybak.

Almost direct from the dance competition “Let’s dance” in Sweden, he came to Kristiansund. A little tired, he arrived at the Kirkelandet Church to practice.

Director Kjell Siem greeted him welcome, and Rybak greeted the orchestra before they began. Once the violinist, who is best known as the winner of Melodi Grand Prix, started to tell how the piece should be played.

Slightly slower pace here. He said at one moment, and in the next come up with advice to the harpist on the strength of the play.

Early debut

– Already as a 7-year-old Alexander Rybak composed his first classical piece. “That was also a duet, which I wrote and played with my father, fiddle virtuoso”, said.

Now he wants to focus more on this part of his life in the years ahead. An opportunity to show himself in this field, is in the “Prince Orlovsky’s opera ballet” in Brattshallen 19 February.

Then he comes directly from Stockholm and dance competition that runs in TV4, to Kristiansund to play a duet with Katherine Hvinden Hals and the symphony orchestra. “Currently there are busy days with many things in parallel”, Alexander Rybak said.


After practice he went straight to the hotel, and then went by plane Tuesday morning. Training for a dance competition requires a lot, and the violin must be actively used. The piece he has composed takes about 5 minutes, and has turned out the way conductor Kjell Seim ordered.

He has known and worked with Rybak in many occasions. To the opera party week he ordered a romantic piece for two violins with orchestra and dancers.

“We’ve played a lot together and are therefore easy one another in interaction”, Rybak said. He and Katherine played the newly composed piece together for the first time. Yet they barely needed to look at each other. Kathrine fits very well to this play, Alexander Rybak says, who has had a series of classical concerts with the musicians he met through the Barratt Due Institute of Music.

Kjell Seim’s translation of “Double pas de deux” is “dead toad”. He believes it will appeal to the public. “This will fall well into the rest of the opera ballet with a focus from the play ‘Die Fledermaus’” Kjell Seim says.

Mostly composer

He and Rybak took a review of the play, and what needs to be adjusted and keep repeating until the next time they meet. It is only once the duo and orchestra with dancers will meet, before the premiere of Brattshallen on Saturday in one and a half weeks.

“It is a composer what I really am. All the others I have been involved in now, is a little pranks that can be fun for a while, but I will return to the classic, the artist, violinist and composer”, says.

A busy program makes it not easy to keep track of all the details. In conversation after rehearsal he wondered if it would look like this in the room during the play with his self-composed piece, and pointed to the carpet in front of the church.  Kjell Seim had to explain to him that it he will play in a larger hall than during exercise in the Kirkelandet Church, namely, a sports hall.

With the close program he currently has, it is easy to get confused. Now he is looking forward to the premiere, perhaps as a winner in “Let’s dance” with his dance partner Malin Johansson. “It will be good to play the piece, and express everything with the music”, Alexander Rybak says.

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