Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011

Paper edition retrieved by Tessa Lande, translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Rybak is coming back to Ulsteinvik with a new artist trio.

The advent time this year could be extra nice for the ones who love going to concerts. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will come this last month in the year to Ulstein Churh, to make Christmas mood. The concert is a part of the Christmas Tour ‘Winter Pictures’

Journalist: Mone Celin K, Skrede

The 9th of December you can participate in a special musical experience in Ulstein Churh. This December day it will be a Christmas concert with three rather well-known names. Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada and Dennis Storhøi with musicians will supply Ulsteinvik and surrounding areas with beautiful Christmas melodies and lyrics with a lot of nice Christmas mood.

The concert is a part of a Christmas tour that will start on the 2nd December in Lommedalen church in Bærum. The tour has the last concert at 22nd December in Ringsaker church and contains in all fourteen concerts. Ulsteinvik is number seven on the list.

Through a cozy and cheerful conversation with all three artists, Vikebladet Vestposten has got to know a little both about the concert itself, the tour and the artists relations with Ulsteinvik.

No Christmas without Sunnmøre!

I have been to Ulsteinvik a lot of times before, Alexander Rybak tells, and adds that he has many friends here at Sunnmøre. The curture is very nice her, he says, and think the people have to be inspired and shaped by the beautiful nature.

Neither actor Dennis Storhøi nor singer Anne Vada have been to Ulsteinvik before, but they are looking forward to it along with Rybak, who with a laugh says: ‘There is no Christmas without Sunnmøre!’

Vada supplies that the pastor in Ulstein, Margit Lovise Holte, has told her that people here, mildly put, is very fond of going to concerts. The two of them met in connection with an All Saints sermon in Lommedalen church in Bærum. The sermon was sent on NRK Television now this autumn.

Project birth in January

In January the concept of a Christmas tour was ‘born’. It was Anne Vada who first got the idea to do something special for Christmas, when she sat with a friend chatting about the Christmas that had been. Through the mentioned friend she got in contact with Dennis Storhøi. Alexander Rybak came into the picture after one of the singers closest musicians, Øystein Lund Olafsen had been to a meeting with the young artist. After hearing that Dennis Storhøi would participate, Rybak was quite easily persuaded, since the two of them already were good friends.

“In this way a fun and creative autumn started”, according to Vada. “It would end up in a new, special and beautiful Christmas concept”.

Unpretentious and versatile result

When we ask how it has been to work together on this project, they all answer that this is a little new, but the result has been very versatile and unpretentious, and they have had a lot of fun in the process.

Dennis Storhøi had his debut on stage in 1985, and on television in 1991, and he comes originally from Kråkerøy in Østfold. He has amongst other things received ‘The Artist Price’ for Oslo City, the ‘Comedy price’ in 2004, and the Critic’s Price in 2003, which says something of the talent of this versatile actor. He has worked with film, theater and voice plays, as well as in Norwegian drama series.

Earlier he has been working together with Alexander Rybak, who describes Storhøi as his biggest mentor. The two of them got to know each other in the play which got to be Rybak’s theatrical debut. He has also been a guest in Christmas concerts earlier. Storhøi still thinks this Christmas tour is something a little new.

Something a bit new

“I have done Christmas concerts before, for example in Oslo Cathedral, but not to this degree”, says the characteristic actor voice that we know from so many movies, series and radio programs. He tells that he thinks it seems like people are more open when both music and mood in the shape of texts are put together to a wholeness. And then it is nice with some lyrics too.

Vada adds that she thinks the words are stronger when they come together with music. It’s not like Dennis will read the Christmas Gospel, she smilingly explains, but he will help making many different winter pictures.

Common tone of soul

Anne Vada comes originally from Steinkjer and is a writer of lyrics, a singer and composer. She has participated in many CD-projects of children’s records and has been in many TV- and radio programs – in addition her album ‘Sacral Jul’ got very good reviews. In 1993 she got ‘Spellemannsprisen’ for the best children’s record of the year.

The friendly and reflecting singer tells that she thinks the trio has a common tone of soul. Hopefully we will be hearing this in December.

Nice not having to be boss

The singing violinist jokingly tells us through the phone that he thinks it is nice not having to be a boss. He adds that last year he had a special ambitious project, where he arranged the concerts himself, together with fourteen artists in all. It is obviously great to be many on the tour. (= sharing responsibility – transl. comment).

Important that none will be disappointed

The concept is about tying together lyrics and music to create a complete winter picture with a lot of good mood. Even if none of them have worked with a concept like this before, they are visibly satisfied with both the process and the result

“We started with very open cards in contrast to many other projects. This did that we could pick out more of what we wanted to bring to a nice package of winter pictures. It is important that none will be disappointed”, Rybak insists. He says that this project has been mostly fun, so much fun that it has been difficult to see that it is actually work. It is nice to be together with so skilled people, that in addition are not very pretentious, he says. This is not difficult to hear, as more or less of the conversation is characterized by a lot of humor and funny comments between the artists. – “Because we are all artists!” Rybak says with a smile in his voice.

Alexander Rybak is originally from Belarus, and has been playing violin since he was five years old. He is a composer, musician and actor, and has amongst other things received the price as ‘Spellemann of the year 2009’ , and won as known both the national and international final in ESC the same year. The young violinist debuted at the theater in 2007.

Traditional and innovative family concert

It is made clear that this will be a family concert, and Anne adds that Alexander has been thinking a lot of the children. The concert will contain a lot of beauty and coziness both for small and big, if we believe the trio. They are not at all concerned about the quality with so many competent musicians and generally clever people in the team.

Actually, because the project was very unpretentious, it became both traditional and innovative, the singer says.

She informs – with Dennis who will soon be off to the radio theater, and Alexander in the background, both agreeing – that the concert will give the people just what they hope for Christmas.

– It is about what we can give to the people!

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