Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011

Jordbær & Flørte

Published in the weekly magazine,”Norsk Ukeblad”, July 11th, 2011.

Written by: Tommy Halvorsen. Photos: Bjørg Hexeberg Staveli

Found and translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Headline: Strawberries and flirting

(wordplay: fløte = cream, flørte = to flirt, in norwegian)

Q: What are you doing this summer?
A: This summer I’ll try to please people around me, play and sing a lot, and hopefully, compose a few songs. Preferably while “loffing” around, visiting different villages. And I’ll visit some culture schools that have invited me.

Q: How do you remember your childhood’s summers?
A: I remember lots of travelling and music. And huge amounts of water! But also practicing and discipline. It was particularly nice, getting an icecream when I felt I had deserved one.

Q: How is a perfect summer day?
A: A summerflirt or ten, and a little sunrain.

Q: What is your favourite summer passtime? A: Water sports. Not that I’m very good at it, but I think windsurfing and water scooter is really fun.

Q: What is your favourite summer place?
A: My favourite place when it is summer, is between Lyngdal and Farsund on the south coast. It is a small paradise called Spind, with lots of cows and mosquitos. My family has had concerts on Sørlandet (south coast) for 15 years now.

Q: What is your best and your worst summer memory?
A: My best memory is my first love. I was 17. I have forgotten all the arguing and uncertainties, and remember only two young people in love, sitting on a boat.
The worst, was when it was raining, when we went to Tusenfryd. I was little and sad for the rest of the vacation.

Q: What is your best summer receipt?
A: Strawberries with cream and sugar. And rhubarb porridge and rhubarb squash! Well, that isn’t my receipt in fact. It’s my mom who makes that. I just enjoy what I get, as I generally do in life.

Q: Do you have a favourite summer song?
A: “Visa vid vindens ängar” by Mats Paulson. This song makes me want,  to be a troubadour for the rest of my life! Now my dream has come true, and we cooperate on my newest album.

Q: What do you prefer to read in the vacation?
A: Here I must pass, because of underdeveloped vocabulary.

Q: What can’t you be without in the summer?
A: Girls without sunglasses.

Q: What should the thermometer  look like,  before you jump in the sea?
A: It has to show a lot of numbers and be red and blue. That way I can be sure the world is like usual, and jump in the sea.

5 thoughts on “Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011”

  1. O__M__G :))))))))) hilarious…
    Q: What can’t you be without in the summer?
    A: Girls without sunglasses.
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Posters note: I think, the ” Rhubarb Squash” is really Rhubarb-juice. There might have been a pixie in the dictionary:-))

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