Interview to FRIDA (Swedish teenage magazine, issue 2/2011)

Translated from Swedish by Laila Ulvseth

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FRIDA has danced with Alexander Rybak

His fingers are used to dance over the violin strings with wonderful results, but how fast our Norwegian singer favourite can move his feet, is about to be documented during today’s dance lesson with Alexander Rybak. Going to the room where the singer exercises his abilities with his partner Malin Johansson, we pass some charming obstacles like a freshly showered Andreas Weise and Björn Ranelid eating lunch. He greets us with at least five “hej”. But today we are Team Alexander and hurry from his contestants.

I change into the dress that shall cover my skin while my lacking dance skills are exposed, and am ready to face Alexander himself.
– You could do some pirouttes, suggests the photographer.

– No! I’m lousy on pirouttes, Alexander protests.
– Do some rumba then, you said you could, says Malin, his dance partner.
– No, I said I might think about doing it, Alexander answers.

I let my breath out, realizing that I’m not completely surrounded by professionals. We are meeting Alexander a few weeks before Let’s Dance is starting, and he hasn’t got too comfortable in his dance shoes yet. Finally the decision falls on a classical waltz and some more (or less) beautiful poses.

You, a Norwegian, what do you do in the Swedish Let’s dance?
I am going to dance like everybody else?

Hehe, yes, but what made you accept?
Because this is Sweden and because it’s a show where you are exposed as a person. In Norway I have got to show off lots of sides of myself and had big success, now I want to do the same here because I like Sweden. So I really just want to get famous in Sweden, it’s just that I have to dance to do it.

Are you an experienced dancer?
No (laughs).

What makes you most nervous?
That I’ll be the worst of all (in the show).

Who do you regard as your biggest rival?
Björn is a very charming guy, he is very good. He’s got a great pondus. I’m so light, I just bounce around, that is my worst problem.

Who is your dream dance partner?
Natalie Portman, I think.

What are you like on the dance floor when you go to a night club?
I usually dance, but more in the Michael Jackson-style. You know, like most young people. Not at all as soft as we do in Let’s dance.

What kind of music do you prefer to dance to?
Oldfashioned swing, like “Mambo nr 5” .

Do you want to ask a girl to dance, or be asked?
I want to ask. But the style of dance I usually dance, you don’t have to ask.

Do you practice dancing with your girlfriend at home?
No. There is a girl waiting for me back home, but when I finally get home after a lot of touring, you want to do other things than dancing.

There’s been a lot of writing about you being short-tempered in different newspapers, are you going to loose your mind if you are doing badly in Let’s dance?
A lot of stuff was going on around me when that happened. A girl was exploiting me, and I was forced to sing two duets that I didn’t want to sing. But I just get cranky with other people, and I have no reason to get cranky when it comes to dancing because that is only about me. Plus, I have the most patient dance partner in the world, so I can’t get angry.

When are we going to hear more from you?
I just released my second album that has been selling very well both in Norway and in Sweden. So now I would like to do something Swedish, like working with Mats Paulson.

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