Interview of Alexander Rybak to “Se & Hør”. 01.07.11

Article found, scanned and translated into English by Veronica Nord.

Journalist: Per Sigve Kleppe

Said no to the king of musical.

Openhearted! AR speak out about drugs, his new album – and the celebrities he has rejected.

– You are out with a new СВ again, can you tell a bit about the album?

– It’s released both in Norway and Sweden and is called “Visa vid Vindens anger”. It’s a collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Matt Paulson (73), who I have known for over two years. He’s a living legend for me, and it has really been therapy to work with him on this album. After two turbulent years, I needed something that was a little down to earth/laidback, says Rybak.

– How do you feel now after a very hectic year?

– I feel healed after the collaboration with Mats. I have more peace in my soul, new energy and lots of strenght. I hope my fans like the result of the collabroation between Matt and me.
– If your house is on fire, and you can only save one thing. What would it be ?

– It has to be my Mac. I have all my songs there. And I have a lot of pictures in it too.

– What kind of summer plans do you have?

– It will be a very quiet summer. I think I only have 20 gigs. In addition, I will guest different string courses.
– What is the strongest drug you have used? – Oi. It must be light soporific pills. I was pretty high up there, before I fell asleep, to put it that way.
– Which job have you had that nobody knows about ?

– I helped a friend to deliver with the mail for three days. But I was hopeless. I don’t think anyone got their right mail.
– When was the last time you cried? – It’s not so long ago. It was the last time I saw a Disney movie. They always make me emotional.
– What is the very first thing you look for when you look at a woman?

– The hip movement . The more they wriggles, the more confident they are. How they use their eyes are also important.

– What is the happiest moment of your life ?

– When I got my first TV-game. When I was little I was not allowed to have it because my parents forced me to practice instead. I still remember how happy I was when I bought a used Nintendo 64.
– Who is your best friend, and why?

– It has to be Maria. She allows me to be myself. And she gives me so much love that only parents would have given to me. In fact, far from everybody wish me all good.
– Which celebrity would you kissed ?

– Katrine Moholt.
– What do you put on your grill ?

– The grill lid. I don’t dare to grill because I’m afraid to burn my fingers. It’s a violin thing. Besides, I’m the only one on Barratt Due who hasn’t insured my fingers.
– What is your best and worst summer memory?

– Needless to say that the best summer was with my Fairytale-girlfriend, and the worst one was the summer after.

– If you’d had another profession, what would it be?

– TV game-reviewer. To play video games, and also get paid for it, it has to be the dream job.
– Hardest you have refused?

– I had to say no to Oprah because I would play a concert in Finland. In addition, I rejected Andrew Lloyd Webber when he asked if I wanted to play in the “Phantom of the Opera 2”. I have also rejected Warner and Sony. They wanted me to stay half a year in the United States. But my fans and my audience is in Europe.

– What do you absolutely not eat ?

– Patties and meatballs.

– What will you spend your holiday money on ?

– I’m going to buy myself a surfboard. And there will be a little traveling.

– What are your three best qualities?

– I am inclusive, remember people I have met and I have the ability to do whatever I can in order to get my will.

– Which superhero would you like to be?

– Casanova.

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  1. Is it possible to read the Norwegian original text somewhere? I just wonder what is the original for “patties and meatballs”.

  2. No, Marit, this is an article from Se&Hør, I just used pictures from Her og Nå:) I was too tired late in the night, when I made a posting…. I’m fixing it right now!

  3. Thank you for translating. Just one thing: This article is from Her og Nå and is from June 28th 2011. There was another article about him in Se og Hør on 01.07.2011. Thanks again for all the great job you all do. Marit O

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