Interview of Alexander Rybak to magazine “Samaya” (“The Most”)

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Translated from Russian by Zhanna Sergueeva

Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak makes a very good impression – an open, smiling, slightly shy young man who simply discourages by his sincerity and naivety. And at the same time Alexander talks wisely and sensibly about a lot of things. In an exclusive interview with “Samaya” (“The Most”) the musician spoke about his new Russian album, why he doesn’t want to fall in love ever more and why he likes Americans.

Love has to flow out from friendship.

I wouldn’t like to fall in love anymore. I clearly separates these two feelings – love and affection. Being affected a man doesn’t clearly realize whether he really needs an object of his dreams but yet loses control over his emotions. This feeling is destructive. It is impossible to build a true relationship on it’s basis. Therefore I think that love should flow out from friendship. This is the only way to create strong family.

Don’t hesitate to smile at strangers.

Recently my new album “Europe’s Skies” has been released. I recorded entire six songs in russian. I wanted somehow to make a special declaration of love to the beautiful country of Russia and I decided to do it that way. The creation of the album was inspired by nature. It’s a nature that mostly inspires me generally but not women for example. I like to travel. I have been to many places, but I liked America most of all. I am impressed that people there don’t hesitate to smile at each other in contrast to Russia. And yet in America they don’t worry too much for trifles, there they think globally.

Fairytale in reality.

Music to my most famous song “Faitytale” I wrote within just five minutes standing on top of one norwegian mountain. For the creation of this music I was inspired by nature itself. When I was writing the text on this music I was remembering somehow my failed first love. All my songs I first show my mother: she likes almost everything I do. My father is much stricter, so when he liked the song “Faitytale”, I realized that I had written a real hit. And immediately I began thinking about how it would be cool to go with this song to Eurovision Song Contest. By the way many people ask me if I was scared to perform at the Eurovision. The answer is: not scared at all, because I’m a violinist and I used to perform much more complicated stuff like the classics. Therefore a performance of this easy song was just an amusement for me.

I want to be like the wind.

I really like the crazy rhythm, I want to keep up everywhere. And that my feature once have been noticed by my girl friend. She told me so: “You are like the wind, you want to be everywhere, to embrace everything!” And I was very pleased that she has understood me. Perhaps it was the most pleasant words I ever heard to my address. And I am happy when people tell me about my kindness, that I am attentive to the people, not indifferent to them.

True friendship.

Since I became famous I have got many friends. But they constantly request me about something: someone wants to sing a duet with me, someone asks me to promote his album and stuff like that. Don’t think that it offends me: I think it’s quite ok. But I have one friend, also a violinist, who never and in no way tries to use me. Its him I consider as my best friend. We share almost everything, always call up. We like to play together computer games very much and dedicate at least two hours a day to it.

How to train your dragon.

Recently I had an interesting experience: I voiced the role of the protagonist in the Norwegian version of the cartoon “How to Train Your Dragon”. And I was invited to voice two versions of this movie at once – russian and norwegian. But with the russian one it went wrong, I’m not very fluent in that language often mispronouncing words. I have realized that I can’t speak Russian correctly and give my soul to it simultaneously. Therefore I had to refuse from working on the Russian version.


  • Favorite fairy tale – “Finist – Bright Falcon.”
  • Favorite dish – dried fish.
  • Favorite songs – “Komarovo”, “Old Maple”, “I asked an ash-tree”.
  • Favorite hobby – computer games.
  • Favorite city – Minsk.

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