Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”

(found and translated by Sonya Luzina, English revision by Anni Jowett)

Alexander Rybak was caught on the road

It seems he never changes:  an open smile on his face and a violin in his hands.
Nevertheless there are some serious changes in his life – recently he broke up with his girlfriend and was immediately hooked up by another girl.

Sasha, you’re a frequent guest in Ukraine these latter days .  Are things going well? By the way, Has your debut album sold better in the CIS or in Europe?

– In the CIS. If there were no “pirates”, the circulation would be estimated in millions. In Norway, for example, no one would never download something for free from the Internet, and here it is the rule of life. Nevertheless, here in Kiev I’m planning to release my second album in Russian and to give a concert in the October Palace. This show will be unique: October 19, me and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy will perform two solo programmes with live sound and ballet.

– What do you think, where does your career develop most quickly – among the English-speaking countries or the Russian-speaking ones?

– I want to be an artist, who is equally loved in all continents, but I realise that I’m mostly demanded in the Scandinavian countries and in the CIS. There is a lot of competition in Germany and France , they won’t let me perform on the big stage and, consequently, I will be forgotten there in couple of years. To tell the truth, I’ve visited half of the world thanks to Russian-speaking fans. They are everywhere – in America, Australia and Europe.

Why don’t you sing in German or in French?

– It’s too artificial. I had an unsuccessful experience – I recorded ” Fairytale” in French, but it went unnoticed.

Do you often  feel disappointed?

– This year I was disappointed only once – because of my girlfriend. It seemed to me that I had really fallen in love. However, I  hesitated a long time about her – I didn’t want to get too close with her. But then I  fell in love totally, I stopped paying attention to the other girls. And at that moment I became uninteresting to her. She just wanted to hunt…My premonitions haven’t deceived me. Though I’m still sad because of lost love, now I like another girl, I think she could be my girlfriend. Maria is very beautiful and she  is able to be a friend. And she lives near to me.

You have spent two days in Kiev already. How many times she has called and sent SMS to you per day?

– Not once. But it doesn’t upset me. Only those who don’t believe themselves and their partner constantly call each other.  We have no expression  between us, everything is calm. I think the calmer the relationships, then the warmer they are. I’m sure our friendship will grow into real feelings.

– Has your circle of friends changed after winning the Eurovision Song Contest?

– Yes, it changed. Earlier I’ve said it’s unfortunate, now I state – it is fortunate. I had a lot of friends, or I thought I had, but now they are no more than three. It appeared that very few of my “friends” sincerely appreciated me. The understanding and support – that’s what I believe should unite friends. Once I invited a buddy to visit, but I was forced to go to another country. He reacted calmly – he was not offended. He said that he is happy for me.

– Are you a good friend?

– I hope, yes.

– What do you talk about when you meet friends?

– About girls and movies – these are the two most popular topics among  Norwegian youth.

– Where is it acceptable to make social contacts in Norway?

– Unfortunately, the majority of our social contacts are made by drunken heads, in  bars or clubs. Guys drink  hard liquor and “cling” to the beautiful girls. It’s not accepted to get acquainted on transport or down the streets, you might be misunderstood – they could think that you are molesting.

– What do you notice first, while looking at a girl?

– The main thing is that she has to be below my height. And since I’m thin, I prefer slim girls.

– Sasha, Do you ever get bored?

– No, it’s never boring to be on stage, there are raging emotions. You’ll see it at the Kiev concert, there will be many surprises.

– What thoughts do you have first when you wake up in the mornings?

– I always feel slack. My mood rises, when I start to make arrangements.

Do you write music for yourself?

– Yes, and not only for myself. I have given some songs to Didrik Solli-Tangen, who has represented Norway at “Eurovision” this year. So now I receive royalties, as the composer.

– When you are in Oslo, do you have time to walk down the streets or to get out with friends to the countryside?

– My new apartment is located in the city centre, in a modern building, the facade overlooks to the pedestrian square. There are mountains and fjords around. I live  almost in the countryside – there is no need to go somewhere.

– Have you bought the apartment on credit?

– Yes, my three-room apartment cost more than 500 thousand dollars. First of all I paid half of the amount, and the remaining money I pay out in small parts. I came to an empty flat – there was only a kitchen set and a fridge. Unfortunately, the fridge was empty too (laughs).

– Do your parents live far away from you?

– No, the route takes me just a half of hour by ferry. They have a country house and a small piece of land.

– Do you often visit Dad and Mum ?

– Yes, but less than desired. I hope they understand that I don’t have star fever – I’m just busy. Now I’m planning a European tour.

– You probably have travelled there a hundred times…

– Now I’m going there with a new album. For example, I never visited Turkey. And that is despite the fact that I have the largest number of fans from this country on Facebook.

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  1. hope that Lithuania will be included in European tour 😉 we’re waiting you here, Alex! :***

  2. I love you Alex! Finally you come to Turkey. Turkey is waiting for you, Alex! Wohooooo!!!! :-DD Aleeeeex, come to Turkeeeeeyyyy!!! :-))

  3. Maria? As in one of his backup violinists, Maria? (If so, that’s so sweet! She’s a lovely girl ^^)

  4. G’day, when is he doing an Aussie tour. When is the album being released in Russian???

  5. Wow! European Tour??? The hope friendship will grow into real feeling?
    Interesting interview, thanks Sonya!
    *keeping my fingers crossed for our Turkish friends*

  6. Very,very interesting!!Spasibo Sonya!! :))
    And yes he wants to go to Turkey,that’s some kind of good news for the Turkish people!! 😀

  7. Interesting interview! He is an open book … sharing his take on music, life, and love…. A very interesting man. 🙂

  8. Only one complaint, Sonya: If you have a link to the original article, I think You should post it in the posting. ( The link, not the article.)

    Good interview an good news!! HE WANTS TO GO TO TURKEY and he is aware of the members of his Facebook-page..

    And He likes a girl, that everybody I know, likes too:-))

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