Alexander & Bettan in VG paper issue, July 17th, 2010

On the picture: Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen and Alexander Rybak have great respect for each other as artists. This summer, they are again on stage together. This is from Cafe Sorgenfri at Aker Brygge

Translation by Tessa La

Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen (52) fully understands Alexander Rybak (24) violent outbursts in the past year.
The Swedish-Norwegian artist admits that she had similar reactions when she was on top after the Grand Prix victory in 1985.

– When Hanne Krogh and I toured in the “Let it Swing”- periode , it was a run all the time. Many times I was at the breaking point of what I endured, and then I would like to have crushed a double bass. It is better to get those things out than to keep it inside,- Bettan said to VG.

Frustrated Rybak
It was during the rehearsals for the TV show “Lotta at Liseberg” in Gothenburg in late June that Rybak broke his violin against a piece of furniture on the stage in the Swedish amusement park Liseberg. In May, he also went off on a wall after he was mad at a sound engineer. It resulted in hospital visit and bandaged fingers. The 24-year-old’s spokesman, Kjell Arild Tiltnes, said the young violinist showed sides of human outbreaks and said that he would take some time off to rest after a tough year. Now the planned “vacation” is over, and the much-profile Grand Prix winner is glad he has found peace again.

– I never raised my voice before, and I guess that’s why I did it. I’m just a human being – perhaps not the “glossy picture” many people believe. So it’s good to let out the frustration so that I can move on. It’s only me that goes beyond the same. Now I am completely calm and look forward to new projects. That’s lovely,- smiling Rybak.

A warm reunion
Last year, Bettan and Alexander debuted with the musical performance “Spellemann.” On 28 July the duo starts round two of the show at the Quality Hotell Klubben in Tønsberg – and Rybak is looking forward to standing on stage with one of his favorite artists again.

– Bettan is a bit like a big sister to me. And we have terrible fun together. She’s one of the most experienced artists in Norway, and I appreciate that she has preserved the childishness in her. We joking and laughing almost immediately we see each other, which I appreciate,- Rybak says.

The respect is mutual – according to Bettan, which has more good advice to give to her young violin-playing partner.

Learning from mistakes
– We follow both of our hearts and I hope he continues doing that. I recognize myself in Alexander from when I was younger. He tries a lot of different things, and that he must be allowed to do until he finds something he will do in full time. He must not be afraid to make mistakes. I’ve done a lot of mistakes during my career. But I’ve never regretted anything I’ve done. The most important thing is to learn from them.,- says Andreassen who also has taught Alexander to take properly free.

– I remember you prepared me for it even before I won the Eurovision, “take some days completely off in between to recover”. I’m trying to get better on that,- Rybak smiling.

Wants to buy art for the apartment.
Rybak’s still single, but he admits that the bachelor housing at Aker Brygge to 4.9 million starts to take shape.

– Most are in place, and I like it there. . But I got to get some paintings on the walls. It need not be expensive, only looks good, – says the violinist, who goes on holiday in Norway this summer. -I’m going on “loffen” again to play for people. That’s how I started, and I hope that people will hear me play this year too,- he smiles.

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  1. I HOPE TO SEE ALEX IN AUSTRALIA IN 2011…….it is so frustrating when one is a perfectionist and has to put up with idiots…..BREAK A FEW MORE THINGS…but make sure they are not yours this time!!!

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