Interview in VG about “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” – 1.9.13

Source: VG -Paper Issue
Published 1.9.13
Author: Thomas Talset
Photo: Robert S. Eik

Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.

The New TV Heroes

Våler: The artists in the upcoming “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” programme feel confident that this is right for them to do, even though many of them did not follow the first seasons.

VG has asked the 7 artists these questions:

1 Why are you participating?

2 To what degree/How much does your career need this?

3 Who has been your “Hver gang vi møtes” favourite in previous seasons?

4 Is the programme important for the music, or is it just pure TV entertainment?

5 How much are you going to cry?

The artists answers:

Lars Lille-Stenberg (51):

1. It is exciting to do interpretations. I have been doing that a lot…. of Prysen, Neil Young, and I feel that the others take this it just as seriously as I do.
2. “The career” means how you reach out to people, and I have been reaching out to many people for many years. But I plan to keep on doing this for at least 15 more years. And it’s a good thing to reach out to even more people.
3. Actually I haven’t watched the previous seasons very carefully. But I got some DVD’s and saw it was a very nice way to get to know artists I didn’t have any relationship with.
4. Pretty much neck and neck between those two. The history behind the songs is dragged into the musical experience. I would say that the music is the spearhead, at least I hope so.
5. They wake us up at 07.00 in the morning, and we have 17 hours long working days… that makes you tired. I get pretty glazed in my eyes on several occasions.


1. I have been pretty much alone with my music a while and I have had to fight a bit for it. You can become a bit “locked in” by that, so this is a blessing.
2. I think I need this on several levels. I have worked for a long time on a new CD now, and needed to do something different. But I function better when I concentrate on the music rather than on the career.
3. Vinni, due to the flow and beat.. But also Bertine
4. A good combination. I already noticed that it means something to me. But it has to be entertaining since it will be on TV.
5. I hoped I would not cry, but I can’t promise anything. – I am a sensitive person.

 Øivind Elgenes(55):

1. Because I was asked. It’s a nice thing. And I don’t think I have stayed for so long at one place before.
2. I think all that are in this business, especially in recent years, need to be more in the media to stay visible
3. It’s a bit about who you know, so I have to say Vinni.
4. First and foremost TV is fun. An interesting landscape where you have to think in a new way. There’s almost 30 years between me and Alexander.
5. I will not promise that there won’t be any crying. You are not in this business if you aren’t that kind of person.

 Anneli Drevker (44):

1. It is a very good concept, to praise each other. Musicians don’t meet very often, among actors it is different. And I like the musical challenge.
2. When they called me I felt like being invited to Skaugum. Difficult to say what the effect will be. The most important for me is to make good products.
3. Ole Paus was fantastic both as a person and interpreter.
4. It’s important for the music because one gets the opportunity to update and maybe make a song better.
5. Less that I had feared. I felt a tear, but didn’t pick up the napkin, like Lene Marlin did.

 Sigvart Dagsland (49):

1. It’s Norwegian songwriters who get 6 songs interpreted at the best TV-time in TV2. One of the few programs I knew I would say yes to if I was asked.
2. I have 40-50 concerts a year no matter how my last CD sells, so I don’t need it. But I realise that people can get a good effect by it.
3. Lene Marlin. It’s something magic with her, and it was fun to see her the way I know her. But it was also fun with Marion Ravn, who at first I didn’t think I would be bothered about.
4. It’s important for the music and the song writing. You get the stories behind the songs. And of course it is good TV entertainment. A good symbiosis.
5. I’m not a cold person, but crying is not my way of expressing myself. I have given that responsibility to someone else. Ha, ha.

 Simone Eriksrud (43):

1. It’s an honour to be asked, and an acknowledgement of what I have done is not on the bottom shelf.
2. It can’t hurt. I hope people are interested in why I have done what I have done.
3. I haven’t watched it much, because it clashes with the bedtime of my two little children. But it is overwhelming how much people like this program.
4. Hopefully it is entertaining. When I was younger I watched “Halvsju” every Saturday, and I was always super inspired by groups like Dollie and Drama. So I hope this can have the same effect on someone.
5. I am easily touched. From my side it will be a lot of teary eyes. I had to make a choice: If I was going to be cool, or just be myself. And I chose the the latter.

 Alexander Rybak (27):

1. There is so much positivity, a very liberating program. I have never been so unafraid to speak directly “from the liver” as I am in this program.
2. No matter how I answer this question, it will sound “cocky”. But it is golden to me to stay in this Norwegian countryside paradise, and open myself up one more step.
3. Just as Kurt Nilsen set an inhuman level at the first season of “Idol”, I would say that Vinni made it for “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”.
4. I would say this is the best music entertainment programme there is.
5. If there is one place my façade can be broken, it must be here.

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