Interview in Russian magazine “Names” № 10, October 2010

Scan and translation by Kristina Ovcharenko

Link to the scanned photo of the interview.

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Our Norwegian Byelorussian: Born May 13, 1986 in Minsk. Mother – a pianist, his father – a violinist. When the boy was 4 years old, his parents moved to Norway. The family settled in a suburb of Oslo. Graduated at the School of Music, studying at the conservatory in Oslo. Winner of ” Eurovision-2009 ” in Moscow (387 points).

1) What book would you bring, to a deserted island?

– Is “Playboy” considered a book:)?  If not, then I would read books about Russian history.

2) Recent events that struck you the most?

-Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Why not move it to another planet?

3) In what historical era,  would you have liked to live?

-Ancient Rome. The Romans were majestic, hardy and surrounded by beautiful half-naked women.

4) Your favorite litterary, theatrical or action Hero?

-Bruce Willis in the role of “Die Hard”, John McClain. He is unapproachable and cold, but at the same time funny and easy-going. And, of course, James Bond.

5) Who of of our contemporaries, do you like most?

– I like Natalie Portman – for her wisdom in making life decisions and for her beauty.

6) What do you value most in friends?

-Devotion and understanding.

7) Your main character trait?

-Trying to control everything myself. In this romantic and simply impossible young man.

8) Your main drawback?

-Read above.

9) What kind of human weakness, do you find the most excusable?

– The desire to be known and recognized.

10) With which person,  would you consent to stay in an elevator for a long time?

-Ani Lorak.

11) Which word or phrase, do you use most?

– ”Yes.”

12) What was your most insane waste of money?

-I Once rented a jet plane.

13) Do you love money?

-Yes, and money loves me too.

14) Your favorite way to pass time?

-Computer games and workouts in the gym.

15) What makes you get tired more often?

-Perhaps..I get tired of stupid people.

16) What are your favorite names – male, female?

-Maria, Marie, Alexander

17) Your favorite cities?

-New York, Minsk, Moscow.

18) What is your greatest achievement?

-I loved and was loved in return.

19) Which talent, would you like to possess?

-To play football.

20) What do you need,  to be completely happy?

-A lot. I have a need to make others happy.

21) What is your lifes motto?

-I can not decide on the precise wording of life’s motto for life. I live and I try to give joy to others!

2 thoughts on “Interview in Russian magazine “Names” № 10, October 2010”

  1. I had a big laugh at his question about wheter Playboy would be considered a book :)) Also his reasons for wanting to experience Acient Rome :)) But all in all it was rather interesting 🙂

  2. 12) What was your most insane waste of money?

    -I Once rented a jet plane.

    This made me laugh! Good interview 🙂

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