Articles 2018

A good place to be, said Alexander Rybak – Article in Sør-Varanger Avis 16.11.2018
Alexander Rybak – The boy who only wanted to be seen. 10.11.18
Alexander Rybak and “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” in Finnsnes church, article in Folkebladet 23.11.18
Alexander Rybak and “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” in Grorud church 10.12.18
Alexander Rybak and the TrondheimSolistene in Mandal church 7.9.2018
Alexander Rybak at the “Victoriadagen” concert 14.07.2018
Alexander Rybak in Se & Hør’s anniversary show and after party – 23.9.2018
Alexander Rybak in the TV-show “Muitte Mu”
Alexander Rybak is back in the MGP circus, HerogNå 23.1.2018
Alexander Rybak performed for Crown Princess Victoria – article in 15.07.2018
Alexander Rybak ready for MGP 9 years later
Alexander Rybak rebelled against classical music-VG newspaper article 7.4.2018
Alexander Rybak receives Platinum trophy for his MGP song – 17.8.2018
Alexander Rybak with a new crew in Lisbon
Alexander Rybak’s mother and girlfriend in Lisboa to support him.
Alexander Rybak’s preparations for Eurovision in Lisbon
Alexander Rybak: His own chaos pilot
Alexander Rybak: I have changed. Dagbladet post MGP Interview and article 11.03.2018
Classical and pop in beautiful association – Alexander Rybak in classical concert 7.9.2018
Enthusiasm for Alexander Rybak’s new stage show
Euro 150.000 in development support for the platform game “Trolle og den magiske fela” – Alexander Rybak
Everyone wants a piece of Alexander Rybak, Aftenposten 11.03.2018
His thoughts have given Alexander Rybak some challenging downers, Aftenposten 22.02.2018
I have learned to control myself better – Alexander Rybak to Moskovsky Komsomolets 27.04.2018
I like to experience music, without boundaries of genres – Alexander Rybak
I thought I was Superman, says Alexander Rybak, interview, 05.05.2018
Interview with Alexander Rybak and Arad Aria about their musical collaboration
Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”, 23.04.2018
Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak
Natasha and Alexander Rybak about their close relationship, Her og Nå 13.2.2018
Natasha and Julie about Alexander Rybak to VG – Eurovision 2018
Rybak in Lofoten for the first time – article in Lofotposten 16.9.2018
Scary to meet Alexander Rybak – article 14.09.18
The Melodi Grand Prix’ comeback-kids – VG newspaper 19.2.2018
Touched his mother to tears from the stage. 19.07.2018
Tributes his mother with a song – article on 19.07.18

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