Articles 2016

Alexander about a musical ear in “Your Body” 14.04.2016
Alexander about his love for Julie
Alexander and Stille Natt Hellige Natt in Eidsberg church 03.12.2016
Alexander and Trolle in Cappelen Damm Agency’s Rights catalogue spring 2016
Alexander has composed music to the game “The Little Grey Fergie”
Alexander Rybak – Julie is the dream girl
Alexander Rybak and Byneset Spellmannslag in concert 24.04.2016
Alexander Rybak is a real entertainer
Alexander Rybak is happily in love with sweet Julie – “Her og Nå” 06.12.2016
Alexander Rybak’s Mum
Alexander with the summer show “Entertainer” in Bølgen Culture House July 2016
Articles about Alexander Rybak in English
Children’s book author – Interview on 10.02.2016
Dream Christmas with the girlfriend
Entertainer – soon premiere – interview in Østlandsposten 3.7.2016
From Alexander’s orchestra seminar in Sarpsborg, Norway 18. – 20. of March 2016
I appreciate life more now – article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016
I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs
I have grown a lot – Interview in Her og Nå 09.02.2016
Miracles – The Biathlon World Championship song 2016
Orchestra seminar and concert in Eksjø, Sweden, 4. to 6. of March 2016
Orchestra seminar in Sandefjord, Norway 15. – 17. of January 2016
People from Frøya are so good in sing along
Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Ostrava, Czech Republic
Rybak’s girlfriend talks about her life with the fiddler
See and hear Rybak in Ørje
Stille Natt Hellige Natt concert at Brumunddal church 21.12.2016
Stille Natt Hellige Natt concert in Immanuel church 12.12.2016
The “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas concert in Vinger church 04.12.2016
The biggest inspiration for young violinists
The Swedes finally found a way to break my high score
The wizard with the fiddle – Orchestra seminar and concert in Fosnavåg, Norway 12-14.02.2016

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