Articles 2012

Alexander Rybak: “I am glad I returned to Vilnius”
“A. Rybak: I hope to have a nourishing meal in Lithuania!”
“Alexander Rybak – the new Christmas star”. Review of the concert in Kirkelandet church (Kristiansund)
“Enchanting Alexander Rybak” – Latvian newspaper “Vesti segodnya”
“From Fairytale to Christmas music”. Review. Dec.22nd 2012
“Gold, glitter and warm fishcakes.” Article about comming summer concerts in Tønsberg.
“Good to have it done”! Article + 2 concert-videos from Bø Church Jan.10th 2012
“Here are the foreigners…”. Ekstrabladet Jan.15th 2012
“Rybak did not disappoint” – Bø blad, 12.01.2012.
“Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark”. VG. Jan. 17th 2012
“Stille natt, Hellige natt”/ “Silent night, Holy night”. Christmas-Tour. Nov.27th 2012
2 articles about concert of Alexander Rybak, Thomas Stanghelle and Koriallverda choir in Evje. 26.8.12
2 articles about the release of Alexander Rybak’s new music video “Strela Amura”.
2 articles and photos about the new video-clip of Alexander Rybak “Leave Me Alone”
2 Articles and videos from Vestfossen. March 16th and March 21st 2012
2 Articles: Reviews of the concert at Bærum Culturehouse April 14th 2012
2 articles:Norwegian press about Alexander in Baku. May 22nd-23rd 2012
A fan of Rybak invaded the stage of “The Voice of Lithuania”
Alexander has a very special relationship to his mom. Hjemmet 03.12.12
Alexander Rybak & Didrik Solli-Tangen at the MGP afterparty in Larvik, 28.01.2012
Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling duet is officially out
Alexander Rybak – Intervew in the Latvian magazine “Private Life” June 26th 2012
Alexander Rybak – Interview in the American-Russian magazine “VS Chicago”
Alexander Rybak – Thanks for everything dad! – June 12th 2012
Alexander Rybak -“Got top-grade at violin exam” June 7th 2012
Alexander Rybak about his first love and Valentine’s Day
Alexander Rybak and Kragerø Girls Choir in the church
Alexander Rybak gives a press conference in Minsk, 05.01.2012.
Alexander Rybak got A at violin exam June 7th 2012
Alexander Rybak in Baku. Jan. 25, 2012
Alexander Rybak in Denmark. 2 Articles from Jan.11th-12th 2012
Alexander Rybak is learning to play backgammon
Alexander Rybak made the celebrities cry!
Alexander Rybak meets his fans in Jurmala, Latvia, 19.06.2012.
Alexander Rybak on Eurovision-2012 in Baku. 3 articles.
Alexander Rybak participates on tribute-album for Torbjørn Egner. Release nov.16th 2012
Alexander Rybak performed at 20-years jubilee of Ketil Moe Race for Life. 26.8.12
Alexander Rybak spent 3 days in Moscow. Reportage by Russian magazine StarHit. Nov.12th 2012
Alexander Rybak taught his niece to play the violin at the “Slavic Bazaar”
Alexander Rybak walked around Kiev with the wings of an angel.
Alexander Rybak was busy in Kiev with amorous affairs
Alexander Rybak wore the wings of Cupid and walked on the roof in Kiev
Alexander Rybak’s interview in “Желтая газета”/”Yellow Newspaper”
Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012
Alexander Rybak: “Christmas Tales”! Release Nov.23rd 2012
Alexander Rybak: “I feel like a man when I refuse to have sex”
Alexander Rybak: “I have become a trophy for women”. Dagbladet Magasinet, 17.11.12
Alexander Rybak: “I like that Lithuanians are not snobs”
Alexander Rybak: “Me and my ex-girlfriend don’t even talk to each other”. Nov. 3rd 2012
Alexander Rybak: ‘I like Polish models’ – Interview for Polish portal Topstars
Alexander Rybak: At the Eurovision Song Contest your Gaitana will be among the top ten!
Alexander Rybak: “I don’t complain about anything!” – The press-conference in Vitebsk 12.07.2012.
Alexander Rybak: “There is delicious Borsht and sushi in Ukraine”
Article & Videos: “Disco-boys”. Danish magazine “Billedbladet”. Jan. 26th 2012
Article + Photos: Rybak in Halden. Workshop and concert. May 4th-6th 2012
Article + Video: Alexander Rybak and Paula Seling coming to Moldova . Oct.3rd 2012
Article about Alexander Rybak’s concert with youth orchestra in Hønefoss. 11.11.12
Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Karlshamn, Sweden, 24.07.2012.
Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Novi Sad from Serbian newspaper “Blic”
Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Novi Sad, Serbia. 21.08.2012
Article about upcoming Alexander Rybak’s concert in Novi Sad, Serbia
Article and pictures: Alexander Rybak – the children’s superstar
Article and video: “Rybak loves Denmark”. Jan. 13th 2012
Article from “Belarus Today” about Alexander Rybak’s recent visit to Minsk
Article from Dagbladet about Alexander Rybak’s performance at the Norwegian MGP- final. 11.02.2012.
Article from the press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Moscow 07.11.2012
Article+Video+Photos: Review of the Concert in Kiev. Oct.31st 2012
Article+Video: “A star meeting at the end of the course” Nov.17th 2012
Article+video: “Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling perform live”. Oikotimes Aug.12th 2012
Article+Video: Review of the Concert in Partille. Oct.18th 2012
Article+videos: 2 Interviews from premiere of Tønsberg-Showconcerts. July 6th-9th 2012
Article: ” Trio with a punch”. Review of Showconcert – Tønsberg. July 6th 2012
Article: “Alexander Rybak hopes new single will end his fan trouble”
Article: “Charming in big shoes”. Review of Christmas album. Dec.13th 2012
Article: “Chronicles of the “Slavic Bazaar”. Alexander Rybak invited Europe to Belarus”, 12.07.2012
Article: “Concert”. Scandia Cup. June 28th 2012
Article: “Didrik, Bettan and Alexander join forces to fans’ delight”
Article: “Excellent playing and play”. Review of Concert in Sør-Fron. Aug 8th 2012
Article: “Famous artists paid tribute to women with breast cancer”. Sept. 27th 2012
Article: “Filled the church with Christmas songs”. Dec.14th 2012
Article: “Fy fela, what a Party!” Nannestad. June 10th 2012
Article: “Great voices in full church”. Dec.21st 2012
Article: “Inspiring and thorough”. The workshop and concert at Halden May 6th 2012
Article: “New Year’s Tales” of Alexander Rybak. Review of Christmas album in the Russian newspaper. 18.12.2012
Article: “Now, I´ll become a Christmas-Star!”. Her & Nå, Sept.19th 2012
Article: “Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage”. Baku – May 22nd 2012
Article: “Read this, Sweden: Rybak is still the biggest”. May 27th 2012
Article: “Rybak – and a whole gallery of stars!”. April 2nd 2012
Article: “Rybak records new music video for russian release”. June 23rd 2012
Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012
Article: “Sang for a fully packed church”. Dec.10th 2012
Article: “Shamelessness beats handsomeness”. Vietnam Nov.25th 2012
Article: “Wants to come back to Oppdal”. Concert in Oppdal Sept.1st 2012
Article: “Was only meant to be watched in Russia”. Danish website. June 20th 2012
Article: “What to do in the holidays?”. Latvia June 22nd 2012
Article: “What´s up Alexander Rybak? – L´eurovision au quotidien”. French article. Oct. 31st. 2012
Article: “Young strings in a great concert with Rybak”. Review of concert in Halden May 6th 2012
Article: 2 Reviews of “Christmas tales”. Nov.30th – Dec.4th 2012
Article: Alexander gives Interview to the magazine “Gwida”. Malta. Nov.6th 2012
Article: Alexander Rybak in Vilnius
Article: Alexander Rybak about Lithuanian representative on Eurovision 2012
Article: Alexander Rybak is coming back to Flanders!
Article: Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal. Hjelp til Selvhjelp, Nr.2. 29.05.2012
Article: Alexander Rybak Releases New Single 12.10.2012.
Article: Alexander Rybak said “No” to one million Euro. Oct.11th 2012
Article: Alexander Rybak: “I want my own family”. Her&Nå, 04.12.12
Article: Annsofi praised by Rybak. Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad. 21.11.12
Article: Concert of Alexander Rybak with “Superbarna” at Children’s Day in Oppdal, 01.09.12
Article: Had a great time with Rybak and young strings in Ås. June 4th 2012
Article: How the Rybak family celebrates Christmas. “Se & Hør”, 07.12.2012
Article: Misses Maria every day. May 25th 2012
Article: Rybak is super-popular at Facebook – April 3rd 2012.
Articles about Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian and Estonian press. Jan 12 – 13. 2012
Articles about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Valdres 25.06.2012.
Articles from the press-conference of Alexander Rybak in Moldova. 13.10.2012
By the Sea – Kragerø Girls Choir and Alexander Rybak on boulders. July 26th 2012
CD with songs from “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt”- Christmas concerts. Nov.27th 2012
Collection of articles about concert with Girl Choir in Kragerø, 19 – 21.02.2012
Did Rybak Manage to Make the Grade? – June 12th 2012
Did you know that Alexander is a personal trainer?
Exclusive premiere! Music video of “Leave me alone” by Alexander Rybak is on VGTV now!
Fanaposten Article : Found the tune with Alexander Rybak – 23.10.2012
Had picture taken with their idol Alexander Rybak 22.12.2012
Here are the Christmas albums you don’t want to miss! 06.12.2012
Information about “Christmas Tales” album October 2012
Interview for Lithuanian web-magazine “City”. Nov.5th 2012 – Alexander Rybak
Interview in the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. 22.05.2012
Interview with Alexander Rybak at the “Eurofest”, Minsk. 14.02.2012
Interview with Alexander Rybak at the “ZD Awards 2011”. MK, 27.01.2012
Interview with Alexander Rybak in Azeri magazine “Your Passage”
July 5th -14th 2012. Showconcerts in Tønsberg with Bettan, Alexander and Didrik
MGP-winner Tooji gets advice from Alexander Rybak. Feb. 12th 2012.
Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower. June 20th 2012
Natalia Rybak: “Norwegians want to erase Breivik from their memories”
Performance at the Norwegian MGP- final 11.02.2012
Photos: Alexander performing at Nannestad-Festival. June 9th 2012
Portrait of Per Sundnes “Northern Norways Potato” June 8th 2012
Rehearsals before Alexander’s concert with the Girls Choir in Kragerø, 17-19.02.2012
Review of Alexander Rybak’s album “Christmas tales” from Canadian website
Review of Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in Lillestrøm 07.12.2012.
Review of Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in Fredrikstad 09.12.2012.
Review of Christmas concerts with Alexander Rybak in Grimstad and Arendal. Agderposten, 6.12.12
Review of the concert of Alexander Rybak with Elisabeth Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen in Tønsberg
Review of the new Alexander’s album “Christmas Tales”. VG, Nov. 25th 2012
Rybak made the audience join on “Haba Haba”. Feb.11th 2012.
Se&Hør Article, Alexander Rybak: I became infatuated by her – 26.10.2012
The girls choir and Rybak sparkled! Article in Kragerø Blad. Feb.21st 2012
The opening of “Tangenten” – rich on content. March 24th 2012
The participant of “Voice of Lithuania” Valerija Iljinaite tells about Alexander Rybak and duet with him.
The winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Alexander Rybak at the Azerbaijan University of Languages 23.05.2012.
Video + Article: Review of Alexander Rybak’s concert in Mora, Sweden. Aug. 4th 2012

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