Articles 2011

“Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi go on tour” – article on Her og Nå, 20.09.2011
“Christmas-stars are shining”. “Trønder-avisa”- Dec.7th. 2011
“Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.
“Keeping the traditions”- “Tidens Krav”. Dec.5th 2011
“New round with Alexander Rybak” – Article on the paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 9.8.11
“On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011
“The Continuation of an Important Vision”. Ketil Moe-runrace sept.11th 2011
“The good boy at Dovre”. Article – Dec.6th 2011
“Warm winter pictures”. Article in “Tidens Krav” 9.12.2011
A brief interview of A. Rybak from the book “Paparazzi-2” by Alexander Zhdanov
A small article about Alexander Rybak in Alanya, Turkey
Alexander at a restaurant’s opening in Alanya, Turkey, 17 May
Alexander debuts as a reporter for April 27th 2011
Alexander in Ulsteinvik, July 29th 2011.
Alexander Rybak – interview about trendsetting 08.11.2011
Alexander Rybak – Musical “When the Colours Disappeared” 10.09.2011
Alexander Rybak at Ukranian TV-show “MasterShef”, 20.08.2011.
Alexander Rybak at Anniversary concert of Gjerdrum School. 6.11.2011
Alexander Rybak at the Monster concert 27.08.11 – Benefit to environment protection
Alexander Rybak creates a song for graduating girls (Russ). April 26th 2011
Alexander Rybak led a seminar in Prima Music School. Ranabladet, 31.10.2011
Alexander Rybak will sing with another Eurovision star!
Alexander Rybak’s “normal weekend”: Sept. 2nd – 4th, 2011
Alexander Rybak’s interview in Ukrainian weekly gossip columnist “Boulevard of Gordon”
Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011
Alexander Rybak’s interview to Russian magazine “If only…”
Alexander Rybak’s interview to Ukrainian magazine “Serial”
Alexander Rybak’s interviеw to Ukrainian magazine “”
Alexander Rybak, interview to TV2 – 6.7.2011
Alexander Rybak: “As a child I was a clown” – Interview to Russian newspaper “Pervostolnik” #7, 2011
Alexander Rybak’s interview about social media to the paper issue of Dagens Næringliv 16.08.11
Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011
Alexander’s interview to Tidens Krav newspaper, 9.2.11
Alexander’s photo on sale for UNICEF charity
An article about the possible reasons why Rybak left “Zirka+zirka-2” show
Article about Christmas tour with Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Budstikka”
Article about ALexander in “Let’s dance”. Norwegian paper issue “Her og Naa”, 10.11.11
Article about Alexander Rybak from “Romerikes Blad”, 24.06.2011
Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Namdalsavisa, 4.8.2011
Article about Alexander Rybak in the paper issue of “Fjordenes Tidene” 25.11.2011
Article about Alexander Rybak’s classical concert in Tromsø’s Cathedral – 19.10.2011
Article about Christmas concert with Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian newspaper “TrønderAvisa” 06.12.11
Article about upcoming concerts with Alexander Rybak in Selje. Fjordane tidene, 18.11.11
Article from Aftonbladet about Alexander and Maria
Article in “Se&Hør” about Alexander Rybak’s vacation in USA
Article: Alexander Rybak at the dance show in Dokka, 22-23 Oct. 2011
Concert of Alexander Rybak in Malaysia. 14.10.2011- Reviews
Concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Farsund. July 8th, 2011
Elisabeth Andreassen about Alexander Rybak. April 4th ,2011
French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” – 13.7.2011
Good article about Alexander from Vietnam (DatViet news portal, 3.1.2011)
Interview of Alexander Rybak to Dagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper) – 9.2.11
Interview of Alexander Rybak’s mother about acts of terrorism and moods in Oslo
Interview of Alexander and Malin to
Interview of Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Aftenposten from 26.6.11.
Interview of Alexander Rybak to “Se & Hør”. 01.07.11
Interview of Alexander Rybak to Aftonbladet
Interview of Alexander Rybak to magazine “Samaya” (“The Most”)
Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011
Interview to FRIDA (Swedish teenage magazine, issue 2/2011)
Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011
Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011
Interview to the Norwegian newspaper “Vikedbladet” 12.11.2011
Interview to the paper issue of VG 12.5.11
Interview to Ukrainian magazine “Art mosaic”
Making thousands of Wild Russe girls Cheer! 27.04.2011
Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011
More fun to be a musician than a celebrity – Rana Blad 29.10.2011
Musical midwinter. Review of “Vinterbilder” in Ringsaker Church, Dec.22nd 2011
Nice memories from the concert in Miami: Alexander Rybak and The Three Jacks
Nights in Stockholm. Rybak and others from Let’s dance
Official press-release of Alexander Rybak’s management due to his visit to Moscow on 20.12.2011
Performance at the Ketil Moe Race. Sept.11th, 2011
Photos from Alexanders seminar in Mo i Rana. Oct.30th 2011
Polish review 5.01.2011
Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert with Vivaldi Orchestra, 20.05.2011.
Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden), 06.06.2011.
Review about Alexander’s concert with Aalesund School Orchestra. Bygdebladet, 10.8.2011
Review about Christmas concert in Tønsberg on 13.12.2011
Review about Christmas concert in Ulsteinvik on 09.12.2011
Review about concert with Alexander Rybak in Selje, 19.11.2011
Review of The Stockholm Culture Festival (18.08.2011.)
Review of Christmas- concert in Elverum, Dec.17th 2011
Review of new Alexander Rybak’s album “Visa vid vindens ängar”
Review of the concert with Alexander and Vestre Aker Strykeorkester nov.13th 2011
Rybak on the Facebook-top. Article in, July 22nd, 2011
Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011
Short interview with Hamar Arbeiderblad, 18.12.2010
So polite that he nearly drowned – Her & Nå 28.06.11
The mini-concert and signing of Alexander Rybak in Lyngdal (Norway), 09.07.2011.
Two reviews about concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Bergen on 2.9.11
What Alexander Rybak says about his new CD:)

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