How we discovered Alexander Rybak – Songs and stories

A while back we asked if you had any questions for Alexander, and we also wanted to hear your stories of How you discovered him. So here we present some of your stories and the songs connected to them.

Europe’s skies

  • Hello Alexander! Maybe you do not know anything about this little country in South America, anyway I want to thank you because while everything is a chaos here, I can dream and be happy just listening to your music. I dream with finding a place where I can feel comfortable, a place that I can call home. For that reason, “Europe’s Skies” is a very special song for me, because somehow it says what I feel. Yazly, Venezuela 
  • The way I got to know your songs. Last year I heard Europe’s skies in a forum in someone’s profile and then fell in love with it…then Fairytale and the Eurovision stage it was so exciting. Now I think there isn’t any video of u on YouTube that I haven’t seen and 24/7 is your songs…for getting rid of confusion of my lessons and calming down a bit… Mahdiyeh, Iran
  • Hi Alex! When I heard your music first, I was searching on the net. It happened 2 years ago. My favorites are the Fairytale, Europe’s skies, Roll with the wind… but the best is Europe’s skies. Virág, Hungary 


-I knew you through a song, it’s “Oah”. You have taught me many things through your songs. Your songs are very excellent, I listen them every day. And I want to talk: “Please continue to make great things!” Vi (Champ), Vietnam


  • In 2009 ESC, I was 14 years old and I put in my head that Portugal would win (because it was the first time that I had seen that my country had a song with a very big potential to win). When Norway won, I stayed so angry that I put in my head that the Norwegian song was horrible. For years, I never listened to songs from Alex. Then, in 2012, when I was ending my 10th scholar year, one of my friends, asked me if I knew the song Fairytale. “Oh yes, I know, but I don’t listen to it for years, but tonight I will listen the song”. I listened to Fairytale, and then Europe’s Skies and Roll with the Wind, and I fell in love with all the songs. From that was the time that I started to be a Rybak fan… Ana Bruna S. Portugal 
  • How did I knew your music? Well, I took English classes in a Language school, there was a class called karaoke, so they had some songs and you just had to pick one. I told them that I wanted a random song and ‘Fairytale’ started, it was hard to sing it but I immediately fell in love with your music . Karen, Columbia
  • Well I met you on TV on February 4, 2010. The official video playing Fairytale and impact me, you really are fantastic. Diana, Ecuador.
  • About two years ago, I heard Fairytale in Hungarian on TV, and I was curious about the original version. So I searched for that on YouTube. That one was much better of course Andrea, Hungary.
  • The first time that I heard you, I had gotten a CD full of nice -mostly classical- music from a friend and your Fairytale was there…at first I didn’t like it much but after a while I find it amusing really. Sara, Iran
  • I was fed up with our song contests, so I did not care about Eurovision. Later I heard Fairytale on the radio (had no idea it was a Eurovision song) and I searched for other songs of yours on YouTube. However, it was only a few months later that I really started to listen to your music. I do not remember why. I heard one of your songs and I fell in love, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, I just did. And I’ve been an active Facebookie ever since. Slávka F, Slovakia
  • I actually heard about you from a friend, ironically named Alex as well! He showed me your Fairytale song from Eurovision, which I was very impressed with. After that the rest was history:) My family has a Slavic background…. namely from Minsk, Belarus. So it was really neat to find that your from there:) You have really inspired my sister and I to write our own songs, and challenged us to find our own unique musical style. I know that you have also really encouraged me in my musical pursuits, and career as a piano teacher. Bethany,USA 
  • I’ve been listening to your music for two years now and I love what you do! I found a video of your Eurovision winning song on YouTube and the more I listened to you that day, the more I fell in love with you. Joann, USA 

“Loosing my mind”

  • Normally I watch the ESC final, but (not very impressed of the Contest in the past years) in 2009 I saw only the very end of it. Alex had won. I liked it. Mom said the next day “Doesn’t he have a special voice?”. Yes he does! We went on vacation and I kinda didn’t think about it anymore. But back home, after 5 weeks camping, I saw that one video on YT that completely knocked me off my feet: Alex at “our” Paul de Leeuw’s show playing Losing My Mind… The best improvisation ever!! Ellen, The Netherlands

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