Highlights from 2017 – Alexander Rybak

Our TOP5 favourite moments with Alexander Rybak in 2017

We wanted to highlight some of the great moments with Alexander from the year that soon is over. Way too difficult to choose, so we had an internal voting for the TOP5.  A very close race, and we ended with 3 on 5th place, so our TOP5 is actually a TOP7 🙂 

Below you’ll find the TOP5 list with a lot of stuff from these great moments. A big thank you to all the fans and TV-companies, media etc who make this possible 🙂  And don’t hesitate to tell us about your favourite Alexander moments from 2017.  We’d love to hear from you.

This video (click on the picture) will give you a quick reminder of these 7 moments and you find a lot more about them below. 



All words in this colour are clickable links 🙂 

Our TOP1 –  The Christmas Tour – “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” 

It’s the fifth time Alexander takes part in this traditional Christmas-concert tour that takes place from late November up to a few days before Christmas, visiting churches in Norway, with the incredible number of 48 concerts.
This year, Alexander shines not only a “star” performer in his three solo performances of a crowd rousing  “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, a charming Romjulsdrøm” (or this version from 2010) and his own special Christmas version of “Hungarian Suite”, but also as a musician complimenting the other vocalists with his violin accompaniment, and encouraging the audience to join in on the sing-alongs. He adds a pure dose of fun and entertainment, engaging with the audience every chance he gets, with the same high energy concert after concert. This why the “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” makes the top of our list of Alexander’s highlights in 2017.

The videos of Alexander’s songs are from his own YT-channel and TV-shows because it is not allowed to film at these concerts.

Pictures from the concert you’ll find HERE  

Videos provided by the organiser:  The promo video  and this one with several glimpses from one of the concerts  this year: 

Joint 2nd.   Alexander and Johnny Logan duet in the Norwegian TV-show “Allsang på grensen”.

In August, many dreams came true when two Eurovision legends got to perform together. Alexander Rybak and Johnny Logan took part in the season final of the Norwegian TV sing-along show “Allsang på Grensen”. 
They joined each other on stage to perform a medley of  “Fairytale” / “Hold me now “ and closed the show with “You Raise me up”. 

Anni Jowett was delighted to win a “Dream meeting” with Johnny Logan. You can read her great report from the show and the meeting where also Alexander took part HERE

Alexander’s messages on social media:
“Looking forward to perform with JOHNNY LOGAN Wednesday 😍😍😍”
Makes me wanna go for Eurovision all over again! ❤️❤️❤️ #TheKing #johnnylogan “

“And don’t be afraid the dream’s not real”… Here’s the evidence:


Joint 2nd.   Alexander participates in the Norwegian Music show “Beat for Beat Christmas Special”

Alexander was a guest performer in “Beat for Beat” in 2009, performing “The Christmas Song”. Ever since then we have been waiting for him to take part as one of the main artists. And finally, in this season’s Christmas Special, he was one of the artists, teamed up with Maria Haukaas Mittet.  And he did great 🙂 In addition to the other artists he sang “Blue Christmas”,  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” , “Baby it’s Cold Outside” and Romjulsdrøm”. You can watch the whole show HERE

Joint 2nd.  Iceland visit: Concerts, TV-show, orchestra seminar and live-chat on FB; working together with Greta Salome.

In March, Alexander went to Iceland for a collaboration with Greta Salome. They had a string seminar for children, two great concerts and surprisingly also showed up in the Icelandic national selection for ESC 2017 with a fantastic Vivaldi duet and Fairytale.  Alexander also took part in Greta’s live chat on FB, his first and so far only live chat on FB 🙂 He also gave a great interview and had time to enjoy Iceland too.  

Alexander and Greta Salome – concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, 18.03.2017


Joint 5th.  Alexander’s tribute  cover to Salvador Sobral’s  ESC winner song “Amar Pelos Dios”.

This is what Alexander wrote about this song in April this year on Facebook: 
In a time where our beloved Eurovision Song Contest is slowly turning into “Mainstreamvision” and “Strategivision”, I found a new hope when listening to this song. It’s a song made by real MUSICIANS, it’s a song sung with true HEART, and it’s a song that stirs our FEELINGS.
My friends, this is an ESC entry on the same level as Austria in 2014 and Italy in 2011. It’s pure magic, and I truly hope it will do great!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

As we know by now, the song won ESC 2017, and Alexander made his own English lyrics and gave us his version of the song.  Here, in this video, you’ll find an interview where he explains why he made this version and also told that he wanted to represent Norway in ESC 2018 🙂 

Alexander’s tribute cover:

Joint 5th.  Alexander’s performance in UK’s ESC selection  “You Decide” broadcast on BBC

A very popular visit to London and performing in UK’s national selection for ESC. Here in this post you’ll find the video of his “Fairytale” performance and the Q&A chat with the audience before the show started.   

Alexander’s message on INSTAGRAM

Alexander in Eurovision UK’s selection You Decide 2017


Joint 5th.   Alexander in the role of Ole Bull in the annual summer theatre play “Soot-Spelet” in Ørje, Norway.

It’s the third time Alexander plays the role of Ole Bull in this theatre play that takes place in the cosy little place Ørje in Norway, close to the border of Sweden.  Alexander has always had a wish to play the role of this famous Norwegian violinist, and one of his most dearest classical pieces is “Seterjentens søndag”, which is also one of the songs in this play. Every year his part in the play has been extended, and given us many great  moments. At the end of the video nr 4 in the video list below he plays a piece of “Chardash Monti”. If you want to see him play the full version, check out this video from 2016
Here you will find more about his role in “Soot-Spelet”:  PICTURES  VIDEO w/English subs  ARTICLES and INTERVIEWS

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