HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the NB-Thread!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, we are celebrating today! The very first anniversary of our beloved thread on Alex’s Official Facebook page!

It was started on 30th June 2009 and it became the place, which has united so much Facebookies together! It is the place where our  first “missions” were born…..It is the place where we all met, communicate a lot and became a real friends:) So, it is officially announced a big PARTY today!:))

For the celebration of the NB-thread’s One Year Anniversary some Facebookies have made for ALL of you a present: a Newspaper!


And here is the quote from the newspaper (to make you all more curious;)):

A year ago there was nothing but silence and darkness in Rybak’s Planet!…..

Actually, there was NO Rybak’s Planet at all!

….And then, on 16th of May 2009, the first note of the “Fairytale” was heard…

On Planet Earth, gazillion drooling-on-my-own heartbeats scattered throughout the North and South, East and West Hemispheres, started beating fast!

That Wednesday 27th of May 2009, Kjell Arild created the “Alexander Rybak’s Official Facebook Page”. not knowing at that time, that he was making the “space” for the unfolding of a planet that was starting to form: RYBAK’S PLANET!!……..

And here is the first page of the famous first issue:

15 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the NB-Thread!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hallo again,
    thanks for sending!
    Reading was so much fun that I had to start reading all over again!!
    I laughed all the time and a big smile will be on my face all day long!
    Thank you for your efforts and the time you spent on drawing up the newspaper. It must have taken many sleepless nights!!
    But it is worth the trouble!!!!!!
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. @Frøya:
    THANK YOU very much for your kind words!
    We are glad that you liked it and our goal to make you laugh was accomplished!!
    That makes us very happy! :-DD
    Have a nice day! 😀

    Thank you for the interest in this “newspaper”!
    We would like to read your comments on it as well! 😀

  3. I’m just finished reading it (3:35 in the night), and it’s wonderful! Hahaha, I laughed so much! I can see you’ve had real fun making it (!), and it was a great pleasure to read it! The stories, Klara Klok, the pictures, the aquearium’s temperatures (!!), the interview with Marianne, “Alex’s Adventures (really funny!!), the Smurfoscope (hahahahahaa!), and of course the birthday song! Everything was so great! And with the videos in there, that made it complete, really! You are really nice people!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for making it!!

  4. Oh, happy day, to all of the other Facebookies! Hurray! I’m gonna send the e-mail now! Thank you so much for making it, I’m sure it is great!

  5. Thank you!!!
    This “newspaper” was made with Enthusiasm and Love towards ALL the Fecebookies, as a present for the One year Anniversary of the NB-thread!
    Simone, me and the RPN’s Team, hope you will all enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed making it!
    Happy Birthday to the NB-thread!!

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